28February, 2017

Take Care Of Your Car with Calgary Car Detailing

interior car cleaning Calgary

Just the way we contribute time and efforts to do up our home, we should also do the same for maintaining our four wheels. A number of new cars might be rolling on to the streets, but not many of us would like to shell out big bucks for maintaining our vehicle. Well, in such cases, you can still flaunt a spick-and-spine car; all you need to do is to clean, polish and protect your vehicle regularly so that it looks amazing always.

interior car cleaning Calgary

Once your vehicle is thoroughly cleaned, protected and polished, it will be easier for you to ride with more safety and ease. A weekly cleaning or wash using a good quality wax-friendly cleaners will be enough to remove the dust and contaminants that have been picked up recently. It will also help prolong the durability of any sealant or wax that you have applied. Don’t overlook the dirty wheels of your car. Wheels that were heavily ingrained with dust or dirt, can be brought back to standard with premium quality cleaners and shampoos. From the convertible top to the tyre walls to arches and door shuts, most of your car’s exterior can be thoroughly cleaned using a good cleaner.

In between a regular car wash routine, another step can be followed to prolong the shine and luster of your vehicle. You can use a damp micro fibre towel to keep your four wheel contaminant free and clean. All you need to do is to spray your car generously and wipe over with a damp micro-fibre towel to lift off the dirt and reveal the cleaned surface underneath.

Cleaning your car at your home could be a difficult task. This is where the importance of professional car cleaning services in Calgary has stepped in. You can get a number of car detailing companies at every nook and corner of Calgary. Among many companies, Calgary Car Detailing has stood out. Offering quality services at reasonable prices, team Calgary Car Detailing has earned a lot of appreciations from everywhere. They offer exclusive packages, so everyone can avail their service with ease. Look into the following to know more about their packages

Head Light Restoration

Clouded and discolored head lights can ruin your car’s beauty in an instant. Plus, it can also lead you to the accident while driving. Hence, it’s better to get them cleaned when there is still time. Team Calgary Car Detailing offers Head Light Restoration package, which starts from $45/ each only. Their experts assure to restore your discolored, clouded and yellowed head lights using the top-notch quality products. Besides, a clean car, it’s important to clean the head lights to enjoy a smooth driving.

Carpet and Upholstery Shampooing

Carpet and Upholstery shampooing include services like shampooing and steam cleaning of the leather seats, carpets, and any other fabric material. This service is specially designed to remove dust, spills, mud, and stain in order to restore the luster of your car’s carpet and seats. Their deep cleaning solution safely cleans and kills bacteria. They recommend an application of fabric guard following a carpet and upholstery shampooing to fetch the best result. This package starts from only $ 99.

Ceramic PRO Paint Protection

The rock chips and scratches to the painted surface can make a car’s body vulnerable to deterioration and rust. Ceramic PRO is a permanent protective coating for a vehicle’s body. They also carry Ceramic pro protective coating for maintaining glass, leather, rubber and plastic surfaces that are applied only by the experienced and certified professionals. It starts from just $ 900.

Buffing, Polishing and Waxing COMBO

It’s a three stage power polishing, buffing and waxing solution to take cares of the minor scratches and swirl marks of your car. The service done by the well-trained experts will reveal a new gloss look of the paint. Only the best quality wax is used to ensure your car’s surface is effectively protected. It starts from only $249.

Fabric Guard

It starts from only $ 39. Fabric guard protects the newly cleaned fabric from dirt, spills, and grease to soak through. The application of fabric guard is used on carpets, upholstery, seats to convertible tops. This premium quality fabric guard solution is designed to protect your fabric from grime, UV rays that cause premature deterioration.

Depending on your budget and requirements, you can choose any of these above-mentioned car detailing packages to protect your vehicle.