6December, 2014

How to Be Comfortable with Winter Driving

Winter Driving

Winter driving seems to be a stressful ordeal when it comes to a journey through the snowy and icy roads. While some experienced drivers are comfortable with driving in ice and snow, others react to this with stress and panic. However, driving in the winter can be a manageable experience, provided you are well prepared and know how to keep your car under control.

Winter Driving

Steps to Prepare for Winter Driving

  • It is important to make sure that your car is serviced and all maintenance issues are addressed before the winter season arrives.
  • Check whether your windshield wipers, cooling system and battery are in good working order.
  • Buy snow tyres. There is an actual difference between snow and regular tyres for all seasons. Snow tires can dig through the snow allowing better traction.
  • Try packing some kitty litter in your car. Kitty litter offers traction when you are stuck in the ice or snow, thereby preventing your wheels from slipping.
  • Drive looking straight and always keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you.
  • Have knowledge of the surroundings and plan which direction you should head in the event of a developing situation.
  • Don’t slam onto your brakes as that may only result in you sliding into the car in front of you.
  • If you are in a slide situation, easing up on the gas is the best idea. Gas only makes things worse when you are trying to manage a slide. If you are trying to speed up from a standstill, light gas application functions the best.
  • If possible, plan prior to stopping. Apply the brakes gently and slowly instead of fast sudden braking. Intersections are sometimes icy and require continuous pressure to the brake pedal.

Young drivers in Canada should be prepared for winter driving with proper lessons on how to tackle the elements. Besides following the above steps, availing quality auto detailing services in Calgary ensures you safety during winter driving.