14August, 2014

How to Avoid Top Car Maintenance Errors

Car Maintenance Mistakes

Nowadays, it is much easier to take care of automobiles that are much advanced than those driven by previous generations. However, it is somewhat due to this reason many drivers have become ignorant of performing any maintenance at all. Since not having any simple servicing like oil changes may cause catastrophic damage to the vehicle, keeping the maintenance schedule in mind is as important at the present as it was when cars still needed tune-ups.
You can simply get rid of unwanted driving issues through availing professional car detailing services in Calgary NW. Let’s have a discussion on some of the common maintenance mistakes that may get you at the risk of racking up expensive repair bills.

Not following the right oil change schedule
This is an area where taking your advice from others may not be a wise idea. In earlier days, the standard recommendation was changing the oil at 3,000 miles, but now it is important to follow the owner’s manual to get the right schedule for your car.

Maintenance Mistakes
Breaking your brakes
In a vehicle, brakes are one of those stuffs that really need to be taken care of as soon as they start wearing out. Bad brakes are a major safety concern for starters. In spite of the safety risk, many people continue driving on squealing, squeaking, stuttering brakes long after it should be taken to technician or replaced.
Ignoring the tire pressure light
Proper tire inflation is really important from both a safety and efficiency need. Check and keep them inflated properly to save money on gas.
Getting the wrong gas
Putting diesel in a gas engine is a big mistake. Though, some people think that higher octane means better, it is not the case if your car is not designed to use high octane fuel. Using the costlier fuel will not get you any benefit otherwise, instead of costing you more.
Failing to filter
Airflow is a vital factor for a car to run efficiently with good gas mileage. A clogged or dirty air filter keeps the engine from getting the fresh air it requires to run properly.
Not changing wipers
As you do not need windshield wipers all the time, you may forget to check whether they are properly working or not. To drive safely and they should to be replaced immediately if they are worn or damaged.
So, when it comes to your car, try not to be “penny wise and pound foolish”. As if you save a few bucks by skipping an oil change now, you may end up spending thousands in repair costs later.