31May, 2014

Spring Car Detailing- A Great Way to Maintain Your Car

One of the best ways of maintaining your car and keep the resale value preserved is through car detailing. The detailing helps in keeping it presentable looking and involves engine, exterior and interior detailing. Thorough cleaning of the car takes place so that it looks as good as new. Most people vouch for cleaning their cars themselves but after a certain period of time, professional detailing on a regular basis ensures that its performance and life is increased.

Spring car detailing is often done so that it can be prepared for the summer. Some of the advantages of spring car detailing are:

  • The vinyl or leather upholstery of the car can be protected from sun damage.
  • The car paint is protected better by the car detailing process and this eliminates chances of colour fading under the harsh summer sun.
  • In case salt brine is used for treating of roads during the winter, there are chances that some salt has entered the interior as well as affected the exterior of the car. This can be removed.
  • The bugs and pollen which are present during spring and summer can removed easily from the car’s surface after detailing so that the paint remains protected from any damages.

Professional spring detailing not only saves money on supplies needed but time is saved as the professionals are used to this work and so they perform well on time. It not just helps your car but it also helps the environment. The grime, the soap water washed away, the oil, etc will all go to the sewers which will then end up in the sea or lakes; on top of that is the consideration of the huge amount of water which will be wasted for cleaning at home. However, when the job is being done by professionals, the process involves a lot lesser amount of water. Another thing to note is that when a car is hand washed, the paint may be damaged and its shine reduced. But professionals have the exact tools, equipment and materials to ensure that just the dirt and grime are removed from the surface and the paint is preserved through their work.

So, just like your house and your furniture, cars need to be cleaned regularly as well. The best option is visiting a professional car detailers in Calgary; but it should be made sure that spring detailing is conducted properly so that you can reap long term benefits from your well maintained car.