27September, 2014

4 Common Mistakes That Can Damage Your Car’s Transmission

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The transmission is an essential component in your car, however many of us don’t have a clear idea of what it does apart from ‘shifting’ the vehicle. Actually, the transmission takes the energy produced by the engine to give it to the axles and thus the wheels move. It is also an expensive auto part to replace and this means whether you are well aware of its activities or not, you should know how to look after it properly. Apart from getting the transmission fluid checked on a regular basis and changed as needed, there are quite a lot of common mistakes that you must avoid making.


Let’s have a discussion about the things you should not do in order to extend the life of your vehicle’s transmission.

1. Do not shift idle into drive from fast

When you first start the vehicle up the engine remains cold and to prevent stalling it will idle faster than usual. Before it warms up a bit don’t shift right into drive as it may cause excess tear and wear on the transmission components and reduce the life of the mountings, clutch, bands and other parts. Also, stay away from shifting into reverse when the engine is idling fast for the similar reason.

2. Do not use brakes for downshifting

Downshifting to slow the vehicle down in an urgent situation, like if the brakes fail can save your life. However, on the other hand doing it frequently will significantly reduce the life of the bands and clutch, thereby increase the changes of premature transmission problems. Instead of downshifting remember to apply the brakes to slow down at stop lights.

3. Do not change direction without stopping

Another common mistake that many people make is shifting from reverse to drive or vice versa is before the car comes to a complete stop. It can decrease the transmission’s life and damage it.

4. Do not let it get towed the wrong way

Another mistake that many car owners make is not towing properly in order to avoid damaging the transmission. Car owners should be aware of the fact that the ‘drive wheels’ cannot be on the ground when they need to have the vehicle towed.

Follow these simple rules and keep your car at the top of its looks and performance with quality auto detailing services in Calgary.