20July, 2021

Why are We the Best Car Polishing Calgary Service Providers?

Best Car polishing in Calgary

The polishing process is often deduced to mere clean, clay polish, and seal. Although it sounds simple, the devil is in the detail. An experienced facility offering the best car polishing in Calgary is equipped with proper tools and solutions to yield miraculous results. We have all been astonished by the before and after pictures posted on various detailing sites. What folks do not realize is that the shops are putting their best work out there to advertise. However, at Calgary Car Detailing, we consistently provide excellent and satisfying results at a very reasonable price.

Best Car polishing in Calgary

We Use First-Class, Professional Equipment and Products

Many detail shops polish use a 6-inch orbital disc for the entire car, which means smaller areas, especially the curved edges, contoured sections, and emblems are left undone or not properly completed.  At Calgary Car Detailing, we use 3 different sizes of orbital polishers to carry out car buffing and ensure every small detail of the painted surface is taken care of.

In addition, we have developed a unique method to even work on your door jams, to restore and maintain their shine with wax. We only use the best rubbing compound with disc pads that are thrown away after few cycles.  The waxing sealant we use can last up to few months giving you optimum protection. The sealant is cured in our temperature-controlled facility before the car is parked outdoors.

An Affordable Pricing Structure

One of the most meticulous detail jobs is polishing the paint. An expert car detailing company offering cost effective scratch removal in Calgary usually charges upward of $600 for the full 3 stage polishing. At Calgary Car Detailing, our prices are very affordable, starting at only $295 and we offer one of the best car polishing Calgary services. We have consistently provided a polishing service that has earned us compliments at car shows and from corporate clients.

Unlike many detailing companies, our prices are transparent and nondiscriminatory, so people can enjoy a good polish whether they have a luxury car or an ordinary vehicle.


What Does Our Car Polishing Service Include?


  1. Scratch and Swirl Mark Removal – To Boost Resale Value

Despite most of our clients opting for car polishing to restore lost glory, swirl mark removal and to protect the paint, polishing is also an incredibly good way of getting the best resale value of your vehicle. Whether it’s a lease return, a trade-in or selling privately on classified sites, everyone appreciates scratch-less, gleaming paint.  Most surface scratches, given that they do not penetrate through the clear coat, can be effectively removed hence saving you time by reducing the period to sell the car.

  1. Tar and Tree Sap Removal

Calgary has a lot of pine trees. Pine resin or tree sap gets on the vehicles parked underneath these trees. This gooey fluid is very hard to remove especially once the moisture is evaporated and sap is dried.  Many DIY remedies are floating online, which make the problem worst, as these recommended petroleum-based decomposers, when used improperly can scratch the paint and eat away valuable clear coat. Many detailing jobs can be done yourself, but for tree sap removal, you should trust an experienced professional for the job. The sooner, the car is brought to a professional detailing shop, the easier it will be to remove tree sap and the charges will also be significantly lower.

The winter season takes away a good part of the year when construction cannot be done. So, during summers, road constructions become an unavoidable occurrence. Driving on freshly laid asphalt or paint lines can leave nasty splatters which if left long could be extremely hard to remove. Like tree sap, allow a professional detailing company to deal with it sooner than later.

  1. Treating Other Paint Imperfections

Water and rain marks, paint transfer from another surface, bird droppings, scratches caused by the removal of paint protection film, and poor car buffing job from an inexperienced hand are a few other reasons that motivate people to visit our facility for polishing. However, the list is not exhaustive; if you are uncertain that whether car polishing is the appropriate remedy, please email us the photos, call us or drop by at our shop. We are happy to help.

  1. Enhances the Effects of Ceramic Coating

Getting paint correction or polishing before ceramic or diamond coating in Calgary makes complete sense as sealing imperfect car paint, with unpleasant swirl marks or spots, is the last thing that you’d want. A polished look can be preserved for an exceptionally long time with coatings. You can also check out our other blogs where we have covered coating jobs.

Some of the significant advantages of the ceramic coating are:

  • Protection from harmful UV rays of the sun, chemical stains, pollutants and weather elements
  • Simplifies the car cleaning process
  • The coating covers the entire car’s paintwork, even the door jams
  • If scratched, it can be polished unlike in cars that have paint protection film
  • It yields 9H hardness in comparison to factory clear coat
  • The cost is significantly less in contrast to getting the PPF on their entire vehicle
  1. Takes Care of the Chrome

Oxidized or scuffs on the chrome make the car look old. As the company for the best car polishing and car buffing in Calgary, we can polish the car’s chrome rims and trims. It requires a different set of expertise and different tools such as an angle orbital grinder with unique buffing pads and chemicals. Car chrome when polished significantly compliments a corrected paint.

  1. We Also do Touch up Paint

Yes, we get it, touch up paint is not perfect, but it does protect from corrosion, and it looks better than bare metal. Your paint matched by your VIN is delivered to our shop by the dealerships. We get it at a discounted price, which is passed to our clients. If you would like us to put on touch-up paint to the vehicle, please let our team know and we will be delighted to professionally apply it for you.

Final Words

A professional polishing job in Calgary is worth the cost. At Calgary Car Detailing, our price for 3 stage polish is just under $300 then why to get your buddy to do it when you can have the most experienced hands that are working on several cars everyday😊. The car’s paint, if ruined, could be impossible to fix without the help of a professional car detailing shop. A trained detailer will not only polish it correctly but also seal it so your paint is protected until it is time for a new wax job.

Calgary Car Detailing stands out for offering the best car polishing in Calgary services for vehicles of all brands. Our team of well-trained and qualified professionals employs top-quality chemicals and equipment to bring back the lost glow and bestow superior protection to the paint job. Our meticulously planned car polishing service covers 3 stage polishing which effectively works on the tree sap, minor scratches, swirl mark removal and tar removal.