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Car Detailing Services

Finding a reliable car detailing company is a dream for every car owner. Buying your favorite car model is not enough; you need to care for it in the right manner. Doing a DIY cleaning is alright once in a while but for long-lasting maintenance, going for mobile car detailing twice a month is essential. The main difference between performing a DIY detailing and taking your car for detailing is that for the former one, it is done by you and you may not be an expert in it but for the latter, auto detailing in Calgary is performed only by qualified professionals who use the right tools and cleaning products.


Mobile Car Detailing Services

For a deeper insight into the world of mobile detailing services, let us look at some questions related to it:


1. What is mobile car detailing?

Mobile car detailing is a cleaning service offered by many car cleaning companies in Calgary. Only qualified and skilled professionals clean your car and make it look like brand new. Three kinds of services are offered to make your car look completely clean both inside out. These are:

Exterior Car Washing Services- one of the greatest way to maintain the sheen and shine of your car’s exterior is by taking your car for exterior car wash in Calgary NW. Your car is cleaned in a step-wise manner, starting with cleaning and washing, then polishing and lastly waxing.

Interior Car Washing Services- Besides the exterior, equal care should also be given to your car’s interior. So Interior car wash in Calgary NW includes cleaning of the dashboard area, windows, seats, carpet, panels and other places inside your car. Having a clean interior is necessary to maintain hygiene and induce a pleasant atmosphere inside your car.

Add-on services- Many detailing companies in Calgary offer other add-on services like head lights restoration, carpet & upholstery shampooing, ceramic PRO paint protection, fabric guard and many more.

2. How can mobile car wash be effective in the best way?

As discussed previously, a mobile car wash keeps your car clean, hygienic and ensures it is in working condition. Besides, it also saves your money and time. Mobile car wash is best effective if you choose from the detailing packages that are offered by the detailing company. You can choose your detailing packages based on your requirements. These are:

Economy detail- Under this, Exterior car wash in Calgary is done by washing and drying the exterior by hand and cleaning the tires and wheels. For your car’s interior, thorough vacuuming is done, windows are cleaned, the interior is deodorized and many more steps are included.

Exclusive detail- For the car’s exterior, the same steps are repeated with few additions like shampooing of the engine bay, carnauba wax paint protection and washing of the undercarriage. For the interior, spot shampooing of the carpets and upholstery, application of conditioner to protect the leather and many more things are done.

Presidential restore- For the exterior, high gloss paint finish is done along with clay and decontaminate painting. For this package, Interior car wash in Calgary includes the other mentioned procedures in the previous two packages along with steam cleaning and shampooing of the seats and upholstery.

3. What are the benefits of mobile car detailing?

There are numerous benefits of mobile car detailing like:

  • It saves both time and money
  • You can ask for customized services
  • You can schedule mobile detailing services from beforehand
  • Personalized service is guaranteed
  • Lastly, a clean car will automatically enhance your image as the car owner.

4. Where we get the best mobile car detailing service in Calgary?

Calgary is a place where there is no dearth of auto detailing companies. For the best detailing services, you must visit:

  • Calgary Car Detailing
  • Super Shine Auto
  • Detail Valet
  • Mobile Car Wash Professionals
  • Street Elite Auto Detailing Services




Thus once you know the right detailing company, you can bid adieu to your weekly worries of getting your car cleaned. You can schedule appointments in advance for quick service and also set your monthly dates with your detailer so that you never miss out on getting your car detailed. Besides, you can ask your detailing company to perform the services at your location if you do not have the time to take your car to their store.

How to Erase Ink to Save Car Interiors

Your car’s interior is the evidence of what you worked with. It would not be a surprise, if there is an ink stain unsightly. But the stains provide an eyesore for all the rider of the car. It lowers the value of your car.


How to Erase Ink to Save Car Interiors


Car detailing Calgary use variety of combination of chemical reaction, hot water extraction, steam cleaning, shampooing etc. to remove the ink stains. There are a lot of remedies to apply on your PVC, fabric, or leather upholstery to remove ink stains properly.


Toughest spots and stains can be removed by Goof Off. It can loose and dissolve the ink from the surface. You would apply it with a microfiber towel and use it to remove stains from the upholstery of your car. But you should use the product in well-ventilated places or wear a nose mask and latex gloves to avoid the strong smell.


There would be no ink visible after wiping back and forth with a microfiber towel for a minute. It does not mean that the ink has removed. It would dissolve into the upholstery also with the chemical. Interior car cleaning services provide you some upholstery shampoo with high Ph to spray to for complete cleaning your upholstery surfaces.


Interior car wash use vapor steamer to dissolve the ground in dirt of upholstery and car seat and bring it to the surface to remove stains. Use of brush head on the steamer, agitate the ink and the chemical to the surface after spraying the shampoo.320 degree of temperature of the steam can bring 75% of the ink out of the surface to remove it.


In the process of water extraction, the Calgary use heated carpet extractor to inject water into the fibers of upholstery car seat and the temperature reaches 210 degrees to suck it back out. It takes the maximum results to remove ink from upholstery car seat in an easier way.


Stains work in the fibers more deeply. You have to work outside towards the center to blot the ink spill gently and put a little pressure to prevent the stain from spreading. You should not scrub or rub the place for preventing the spreading of stains. It would be harder to remove the stain if it sets in once. So you must blot the excess ink hurriedly.


Acidic properties of vinegar effectively remove stains. You should dab the combination of 2 tablespoon of white vinegar with 1 tablespoon of dishwashing soap on the affected area to rub gently. You have to wait for 10 minutes to let it sit and wipe with a soft cloth soaked with cold water and rinse the area thoroughly until the solution would be gone completely. You must consider the vinegar as it environment-friendly, safe to use and gentle on hands.


Isopropyl alcohol is preferable as ink stains often come out with it. But you should not pour the alcohol directly on the stain and rub or wipe it. Make it sure that the alcohol would not damage your car’s upholstery. You should not apply alcohol on rayon, acetate, and triacetate as it leaves bleach –like spots. Rubbing can cause of spreading the stains. You have to apply alcohol on a white clean cloth to rub and to continue the procedure for absorbing the more ink. You should not change the cloth until it saturated with the ink.


Whenever you discover the ink stains, you can spray a little of the hairspray over the area and wipe away with a dry, clean cloth quickly and continue until the spot has disappeared from your car seat. Hairspray is a volatile solvent and has effective stain removing properties.

interior car wash

Just like you do up the interior of your home, you should also do up the interior of your four wheel. The interior of a car is probably the most neglected area when it comes to redoing or customizing an automobile. Unfortunately, maximum car owners forget that it’s their car interior they come across more often than the exterior. So, vest ample amount of time and money in detailing the interior of your prized possession. Count on these steps that can detail your car completely,after all, when you are driving in an amazing car, you will fell better too!

interior car wash

Pay attention to the carpet

Since carpets make up a large part of the car interior, paying attention to them can make a big difference in how the car looks and feels ultimately. With time carpets get dirty, ragged, torn out and colorless. If not taken care of daily, carpets end up showing stains and tears. Replace the old carpet with new one to give your car a “renewed life”.

Taking care of your car’s carpet is as breezy affair, but unfortunately your carpets get the wear and tear more often, as you are constantly bringing in dust, dirt and contamination from your shoe. A quick vacuum can remove the buildups if you haven’t washed the mats and carpets recently. A firm bristled brush is an underrated tool in detailing and can also be used next to loosen debris stuck in the carpets. Start brushing in a corner and work your way towards one mid point from every section and corner. Once you have made a pile of debris, take a vacuum cleaner to remove it. Continue it for each fabric section and move on to the mats and carpets subsequently.

Interior trim

Most of the interior trims ( console, dashboard, doors, etc.) contain a combination of plastic, rubber, vinyl and leather. Since, each of them can be cared with many of the same products, there’s no necessity of buying a product for each material as some products are multi surface compatible for Interior trims. It is best to follow product manufacturer instruction on material it is well-suited for. Some products are strictly meant for the purpose of cleaning, while some are for protection. It’s advisable that you must pick a separate cleaner and protectant if you are looking for a serious cleaning. Even if your car is relatively prim and proper, you should detail it at a regular interval.

Leather care is a must

Leather plays a crucial role in improving the aesthetics of your vehicle. Therefore, you should consider maintaining the leather more often. The modern day leather could be comprised of different natural and synthetic materials. A very few cars actually use the original leather and many of them have just a coating of raw leather on them to protect them against tears and wears. A regular care is essential as these materials are prone to breaking down over time. The market today is flooded with quality leather cleaners. Also, professional cleaning and protection can be beneficial to restore the luster of leather.

Hire professionals

The best way to take care of the interior of your car is by hiring professionals. There is a huge demand for trained detailers all around the world and with the number of people seeking such services, the requirement for auto detailing services in Calgary is also growing rapidly. You can rely on them if you want to fetch the best result.

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