25June, 2016

Interior Car Wash Tips- Cleaning Upholstery

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Like many other areas of a car, interior design and decoration are among the most significant parts that make a car beautiful and luxurious. However, when it is about cleaning the vehicle, people ignore the interior and its upholstery and focus only on vehicle’s outer shine.

You should pay same importance to both the inner and outer part of the car. Both the interior and exterior come with different aspects and features that make a car efficient altogether. If you are going to clean your car and have no idea about how to do it, then you can hire the professionals. They will make your car appear fresh and clean inside out. However, you can also do the job on your own by following a few simple steps described below.

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Follow the Basics

If you are doing the job for the first time, then you may get confused by thinking about the part you should go with first. However, you will be happy to learn that a simplified approach is available in the process through which you can get your job done.

Before you start cleaning the interior part of your vehicle by the hand car wash process, you should know that the interior will not have heavy dirt and mud as we encounter in car’s outer part. Thus, make sure that you are using reasonably hot water, hosepipe with low or medium force, mild chemicals and soft cleaning equipments.

Vacuum the Entire Interior

Making the interior part cleaned with the vacuum cleaner, will be the first step you should follow in the process. While cleaning the interior, you will find that the carpet is the dirtiest part of the interior and you should take some extra measures to clean its surface. Applying the vacuum cleaner on the carpet will help you in removing loose dirt and dust from the area. Apart from this, you will have to apply vacuum to all possible corners of the front and back seats to remove loose dirt and dust for a proper interior car wash.

Cleaning Plastic Vinyl and Leather

Cleaning the carpet of your vehicle may look easy to you, but when it comes to the decorative made of plastic, vinyl and leather, you may find it a bit difficult.

However, you should not worry for this, as by following proper guidelines, you can execute the task without any trouble. If the seats of your car are covered by leather, then you should purchase leather cleaner for best results.

For better cleaning, you can prepare a custom blend that will suit all your requirements in the process. You will avail car detailing products for various uses in the shops, but if you want 100% cleaning of your interior, then you will have to call professionals from a reputed detailing agency.

Professional cleaners from agencies offering car detailing service can provide you satisfactory outcome within your budget. Thus, hire professionals and make the interior of your vehicle fresh and clean.