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3M paint protection film

The short answer is no. Properly installing a paint protection film on a car is a difficult procedure. To do a clean and proper install takes years of experience. The paint protection film is not cheap. If you mess up a sheet of film, it can cost you a significant amount of money, depending on the size of the area you are trying to protect.

Having said that, there are online companies that sell paint protection DIY vehicle kits. Those kits are designed to be installed more easily by an average person. The DIY vehicle kits are more pliable and precise (but compromised on the thickness). For instance, Xpel sells DIY pre-cut paint protection films on their website. And if you are naturally talented and looking for an adventure, you may be able to install simple and straight areas like a roofline or high impact areas like rocker panels behind the wheels, luggage area, and B or C pillars.

Even installing relatively simple and easy areas by yourself is not recommended. As you would also need to buy the tools it takes to install the film, like spray bottles and squeegees and possibly a PPF knife.

Reasons You Should Never Attempt a DIY PPF Installation

Though in theory, you can install the paint protection film without using a blade (knife) but often time PPF film is extended just a tide over the edge which then you might need to slice off. And using a knife on a car is not safe if you do not have the experience. An experienced installer knows how to apply just enough pressure to score the film but not cut through the film and damage the paint. If you decide not to slice the extended film, well then that’s where the dirt gets collected over time and film starts to peel off and the installation does not look clean. There is a saying in the paint protection film community “There are installers who use knives and there are installers who use knives but don’t admit to it.”

Another part of installing the paint protection film is to heat the edges with a heat gun so the film locks in place and does not lift overtime. So, consider all of these things before buying DIY kits online. But if you still want to do it, I would recommend installing the film on straight and easy-to-install areas. On Xpel’s website DIY kits actually tell you their difficulty ratings. So, for a beginner choose the least difficult one to see how it goes.

The issue arises when you try to install the film on curved areas like bumpers, headlights, fenders, door cups and deep valleys in the hood, etc. The paint protection film has a personality of how it behaves and it takes a while to understand. Whether the brand you are using is 3M paint protection film or Xpel paint protection film, it takes a while to get a hang of it. The wastage can end up being a significant amount and easily overrun the cost of PPF in Calgary by a professional installer. An experienced installer knows where to anchor the film and how much stretch it requires, how to avoid creating fingers. Some parts of the car can also be difficult for experienced installers to properly do a clean and seamless install, but when they have done the same year, make and model the vehicle a few times they then understand it better and install it more efficiently. After all, the point of installing the paint protection film is to have unnoticeable protection.

Also, contaminants in the air like dust and lint can present a challenge. Even the cleanest environment can have contaminants. Moving a big piece of the sheet through the air can collect something. Even particle-like dust, hair, or lint is visible through the film. Most installation shops are designed to be clean and contaminant free. Calgary Car Detailing has an air purifier system that continuously cleans the air which helps eliminate fine particles in the air for a perfect 3M paint protection film install.

So if you ever want to install the DIY film make sure you do it indoors in a clean environment and try to wear somewhat lint-free clothes. Putting on a fuzzy sweater before an install is definitely not recommended. Another point to take into consideration before you decide to install the paint protection film yourself is that the kits you buy online cost almost just as much as having the film installed by a reputable PPF shop like Calgary Car Detailing. Why is that? Well, paint protection film shops buy the film in bulk at a relatively lower rate. Also, any reputable paint protection film business has an in-house plotter and software to cut their own pre-cuts hence adding to their savings and passing those savings on to customers.

Also, a reputable 3m paint protection film installation shop e.g., Calgary Car Detailing located at 2-4634 16 Ave NW, gets their installer trained and certified by 3m at their 3m film installation learning facilities. This then makes businesses like that an authorized 3M film installer in Calgary (dealers) so the customers can take advantage of the warranty offered by 3m against discoloring, fading, or peeling of the paint protection film.

Final thoughts:

Installing PPF is a high-skill venture. A do-it-yourself paint protection film installed on your car is possible, with aid of pre-cut films. However, the cost and wasted film by an amateur installer can easily overrun the cost of an authorized 3M paint protection film installer in Calgary. Besides many film manufacturers do not provide a warranty on self-installs. 3M offers a wonderful 10-years warranty on their pro guard self-healing paint protection film given that it is installed by an authorized PPF installer like Calgary Car Detailing. Still not convinced.? Run a thought experiment of perfectly installing a screen protector on your phone which behaves significantly easier than PPF film. A single bubble or dirt particle ruins the screen protector. Now consider the curves of the bumper and auto body, the huge area covered, stretching the film, constantly spraying soap so the adhesive does not get cured. Once the adhesive has built its final strength any imperfection thereafter requires the removal of 3M paint protection film by a professional technician, which can cost quite a bit. All those factors make it a tough DIY project.

Unlike Calgary Car Detailing many PPF Calgary facilities do not remove PPF film unless it is installed by them. If you need a quote for safely removing PPF film, please call 403-370-5050.

As a car owner, you leave no stone unturned when it comes to maintaining your vehicle’s condition. From replacing a damaged part immediately to taking it to a car detailing company regularly, you make sure everything is done properly. After all, you have made an investment and by all means, you want to make sure your car stays in a perfect state. However, preserving a car’s paintwork is one of the biggest challenges that car owners face. A spotless car exterior, without watermarks, bird droppings, paint botches, and car scratches is what every car owner wants.

Unfortunately, harsh weather conditions such as snow, rain, sunlight, etc. snatch away the gleam, diminishing your car’s overall value and appearance. While you can treat minor scuffs and scratches by opting for car waxing, investing in a 3M paint protection film will help you to get that superior car paint protection. It not only helps maintain the high-gloss appearance of your car’s surface but also offers effective resistance to harmful factors that can cause paint damage, rust, and discoloration. Want to know more about the beneficial aspects of investing in a 3M paint protection film? Well, keep reading the blog till the end.

3M Paint Protection Film

Beneficial Aspects of Installing a 3M Paint Protection Film

A 3M paint protection film is a clear and thick thermoplastic tint that protects the paintwork of your car from scratches, stone chips, and other contaminants. Here are the reasons why should you consider installing it.

  • Protects the Originality of Your Paint

Over time, constant exposure to harmful UV rays, dirt, dust, and pollution causes the freshness of your car’s paint to ride off. So, should you want to preserve your car’s coloring and prevent discoloration, get in touch with an authorized 3M film installer in Calgary or elsewhere. The professional installers go beyond the cosmetic concern and install a premium-quality paint protection film to lessen damages caused to your car’s exterior and keep it in the best possible condition.

  • Keeps Your Car Well – Maintained

In addition to protecting your car’s exterior from scratches and chemical damages, a 3M paint protection film also keeps your car looking brand-new and well-maintained. It offers a fine and glossy look with its high-gloss durability and shiny end-result look that is surely going to last for a long time.

Did you know, some variants of paint protection films have self-healing properties that help the films to heal themselves from external factors like minor dings and scratches? If you are a resident of Calgary or nearby areas and want to get a self-healing film in Calgary for your car, you can visit Calgary Car Detailing. We offer the best paint protection services at optimal rates.

  • Reduces the Chances of Superficial Damage

No matter how careful you are, scratches and dings are very common. Even parking can result in accidental dents and bangs. However, when you install a 3M paint protection film, it doesn’t allow them to penetrate and reach the paint layer. How? Well, it has many layers that provide superior protection from contaminants and also help in reducing the impact of superficial damage on the paint.

 The Bottom Line

Apart from these, there are many more benefits of installing a 3M paint protection film. It offers temperature resistance, increases your car’s resale value, and is also cost-effective. Should you be looking for a car detailing company that offers the best paint protection services, visit Calgary Car Detailing. Our team employs top-quality tools and products to restore the lost shine to your car. Hurry up and avail of our services today!

3M paint protection film

For every car owner, preserving their car’s top-class condition is a priority. After all, when you own a car, you can easily drive it to your office, party, or any other destination without any hassle. Now, we all love the lustrous look of a brand new car, right? The exterior surface is as good as a mirror for you can see your reflection on it! But remember, owning a car isn’t enough; you have to put in the effort to preserve its condition.

Unfortunately, over the years, your car’s exterior is exposed to harsh weather conditions such as rain, sunlight, snow, and other factors that snatch away the gleam. As a consequence, it does not look glossy anymore and becomes dull in appearance. Many homeowners think that a simple car wash will bring back the car’s lost glamor. Well, that’s not true. If you really want to keep the exterior of your car looking fabulous, you need a complete service for exterior detailing in Calgary or somewhere else. It not only removes the scratches and swirl marks but also helps you get back crystal clear headlights.

3M paint protection film

Top Reasons to Book Exterior Detailing Services

  1. Reduces Wear & Tear on the Exterior

As mentioned earlier, regular exposure to pollutants and weather elements causes the car paint to lose lustre and grow dull. Along with these, your car’s value will be automatically reduced if the wheels are left dirty. To improve the overall condition of a vehicle, professional detailers follow a series of steps to render maximum protection and restore the car exterior. They also use high-quality products containing various chemicals like UV inhibitors, phosphates, surfactants, mineral oils, and so on, which not only extends paint life but also offers the necessary protection against damages.

  1. Offers Paint Protection

Just as moisture, dirt, stains, and dust affect a car’s interior, similar are the effects on the exterior, the paintwork to be precise. Now, you must be thinking about how can an exterior detailing service reduce the impact of such harmful elements. Well, the detailers use a 3M paint protection film to preserve the freshness of the paintwork and prevent these from happening. It features nano-tech that helps to provide a heat shield that can easily block UV and IR radiation from penetrating the car’s surface materials.

  1. Wheels Cleaned & Shined

If you ask which is the dirtiest part of a car, it’s undoubtedly the wheels. They are filled with numerous dirty compounds including road dust and dirt. When you book service for exterior detailing in Calgary or somewhere else, the professionals remove the dirt and grime from every edge and corner of the wheels by incorporating various automotive shampoos, cleaners, and equipment.

  1. Enhances Resale Value

Parting ways with your car is one of the most difficult things to do in life. But even when you do that, you want to make sure to get the best out of it. And in the pre-owned market, a well-maintained vehicle makes all the difference. Thus, if you are a car enthusiast who loves buying new car models, you must go for timely and regular detailing services. It will not only enhance your car’s resale value but also keep it in a good condition.


Wrapping Up

Your car exterior is the first thing that will be noticed by anyone. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep it in good condition. At Calgary Car Detailing, we offer the best services for exterior detailing in Calgary which include hand wash and dry, paint protection, buffing, polishing, and waxing, among others.

Sometimes extraordinary pleasure arises from the ordinary. For instance, seeing your car in a top-notch and well-maintained condition is enough to perk you up for the entire day, isn’t it? After all, your car is more than just being an object of pride. Its value is no less than any member of your family.

But unfortunately, over the years, your car is exposed to harsh weather conditions such as snow, rain, sunlight, etc. that snatches away the gleam. As a consequence, your car becomes dull in appearance and does not look glossy anymore. While waxing and claying can treat minor scuffs and scratches, 3M paint protection film is your best bet if you want to get rid of deeper scratches. It not only prevents the occurrence of dust and pollen allergies for occupants but also keeps your car looking brand new and repels damage. In this blog, we have narrowed down all the important points that you should know about a 3M paint protection film.

3M paint protection film

A Detailed Analysis on 3M Paint Protection Film

No matter how careful you are, driving normally can also lead to wear and tear on your vehicle’s exterior. 3M paint protection film offers protection from damaging agents, preserves the paint job, and enhances the longevity and resale value of your car. And the best part is that, when needed, it can easily be removed or replaced without harm to your car.

Reasons to Opt for 3M Paint Protection Film

  1. Superior Protection Against Chemicals and Corrosion

Corrosion and acidic elements in the air or rain can damage your car exterior to a great extent. They create stains that become permanent over time. Hence, to preserve the freshness of the paintwork and prevent these from happening, you can always rely on paint protection film in Calgary. The protective films include multiple layers of material, each of them preventing harmful contaminants and chemicals to penetrate. Added to that, they also diminish paint damage due to stone chips and provide top-notch stain resistance.

  1. Extends Service Life of Vehicle

Getting a car paint job can be an investment, not only because of the time it takes to get done but also the money it costs. And as we mentioned above, corrosion, scratches and nicks to the paint can lead to rust and damage to the body of your vehicle, which will need to be repaired. 3M paint protection film preserves the vehicle’s youth by effectively repelling sand, rocks, debris, and other impacts that cause abrasions, scratches, and incidental chips.

  1. A High-Quality Finish

Paint protection film bonds with the car’s paintwork, alloys and bumper and imparts a high glossy look. As a professionally installed paint protection film can last up to 10 years, your car will stay protected from pollution and heat damage.

  1. High temperature resistance

3M paint protection film features nano-tech that helps to provide a heat shield that can easily block UV and IR radiation from penetrating the car’s surface materials. This unique feature also keeps headlights from fading or fogging, maintaining your on-road visibility.


Final Thoughts

The benefits of availing 3M paint protection film services have skyrocketed its popularity in the automotive industry. Should you be looking for the best paint protection services, visit Calgary Car Detailing. Our team uses top-quality products to restore the lost shine to your car. To know more about our services, call 403-370-5050.

3M Paint Protection Film

Most car owners pride themselves on being able to take good care of their vehicles. Looking after the appearance of your vehicles is a big responsibility as many weather elements can damage it. A car paint protection service is very beneficial nowadays but there are several car owners who do not know its importance.

However, should you be looking for a facility that provides the best paint protection services, make sure that they offer 3M paint protection film. The reason? Well, it not only prevents the occurrence of dust and pollen allergies for occupants but also keeps your car looking brand new and repels damage.

3M Paint Protection Film

How is 3M Paint Protection Film Advantageous for a Car?

  1. Maintains the New Look of a Vehicle for Longer

Paint protection is also referred to as permanent protection and enables car owners to keep their vehicles looking as good as new. Hence, opting for a paint protection film in Calgary can provide your car with a fine and glossy look that easily catches the eye of everyone. Paint protection is one of the smartest features one can opt for.

  1. Sunscreen for a Vehicle

Paint protection film acts just like sunscreen. Just like sunscreen protects one’s skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun, paint protection film protects the colours of your car from the same. UV rays are harmful as they can fade a car’s colour and instantly changes its look from shiny and premium to tired and worn. Most car owners try to protect their vehicle from this type of natural damage and this is why paint protection is quite important now.

  1. Reduces Chances of Superficial Damages on a Vehicle’s Paint

Vehicles are susceptible to damage from rocks, debris and scratches while they are being driven or parked. Bird droppings, alkaline rain, and the winter atmosphere are some harmful things that can cause damage to your car. Due to these reasons, the 3M paint protection film becomes a wall between your car’s precious paint and damaging factors. It cannot stop your car from getting damaged but can offer a high level of protection to its paint job.

  1. Increase of Vehicle’s Resale Value

While buying a car, you not only inspect the drives but also inspect the exterior. The exterior is something that holds the first natural impression of a car. Scratches or fades are often visible and these may lead to a reduction in the value of your car. One should always think from the perspective of a buyer while attempting to sell their car. A buyer will always think of something unnatural with his/her car and eventually, you should give it to them.

  1. Reduces Need for Polishing

By opting for paint protection film, every vehicle or car owner will get the opportunity to eliminate the need of polishing their car every couple of months or so. Such a facility provides a vehicle owner with easy maintenance.

The Bottom Line:

There are some people who prefer wax over more permanent protection. They are not addressed to go for the latter part, but they should be understanding the main difference between more permanent protection and waxing. Waxing needs frequent investments while the 3M paint protection film does not need so. Therefore, you should gather enough knowledge about permanent protection just like you do before you buy a new car.

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