10October, 2022

Top 3 Types of Car Scratches That Shouldn’t be Ignored

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Cars play an important role in our lives. We use it to drop our kids off at school, commute to work, get groceries, and whatnot. However, no matter how hard you try, preventing your car from scratches isn’t an easy job. And have you ever imagined how you will feel when you find numerous scratches on your car and you don’t know how to fix them? Sounds frustrating, isn’t it? Well, if you live in or around Calgary, you don’t have to worry about these scratches at all. By getting in touch with our team at Calgary Car Detailing and booking our services for car detailing in Calgary SW, you can easily get rid of those annoying scratches. Our professional detailers will address all kinds of paint scratches on your car and offer a revamped look to your precious possession.

Being a car owner, you might know that anything can cause a scratch: leaves, sand, road dust, and even a simple car wash (if done improperly). While some of these scratches may affect the appearance of your car, others can cause your car to rust. Having said that, some of the paint scratches can be easily fixed by taking proper steps. In this, blog, we will discuss the different types of paint scratches and the best ways to get rid of them. Keep reading till the end.

auto detailing services in Calgary

Most Common Types of Car Scratches That You Shouldn’t Ignore

There are three main types of paint scratches that can affect the paintwork of your car. Read on to know more about them.

  1. Clear Coat Scratches

Being the outermost layer of the paint on a car, the clear coat not only gives your car its glossy and sleek look but also protects the inner paint layers from abrasions. Clear coat scratches are usually caused by things like poor car washing procedures and wrong drying materials.Even though they don’t damage the primer and color, they cause light to reflect unevenly and make the scratches visible. Luckily, removing these scratches is easy.All you need is a good polish with a polishing compound and a buffer.

Having said that, another effective way to prevent them is to opt for a 3M paint protection film. It reduces the impact of harmful elements such as dust and grime and preserves the freshness of the paintwork.

  1. Primer Scratches

Primer scratches are one of the worst scratches and can be really difficult to get rid of. Why so? Well, that’s because they cut through the clear coat layer and get exposed to primer coating, ruining the body paint. Here, availing of car detailing services can help you avoid further damage. The detailers will remove the paint imperfections and apply a primer coat to protect the paint job from scratches.

In case you live in Calgary or nearby areas and are planning to take your car for detailing, you can visit Calgary Car Detailing. Being a renowned facility, we provide a comprehensive range of auto detailing services in Calgary at competitive rates.

  1. Paint Scratches

Paint scratches are typically caused by rocks, keys, and auto collisions and can penetrate the top layer of your car’s paint. Nevertheless, they can be fixed by using rubbing compounds. But if you don’t know the right ways to fix them, take your car to a car detailing facility and let the experts take care of them.

The Bottom Line

Paint Scratches can be a real eyesore and you must get rid of them as soon as possible. If your car has any of these scratches, no matter how small or big, take it to a reputable car detailing facility and let the professional detailers handle it efficiently. And should you be looking for a facility that provides the best services for car detailing in Calgary SW, visit Calgary Car Detailing. Our team uses top-quality products and equipment to fix the paint scratches and restore the lost shine to your car. To know more about our services, call 403-370-5050.