19July, 2021

The Most Useful Tips for a Clean & Beautiful Car Interior

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Between attending the office regularly, running errands and stopping over a friend’s place, you spend considerable time in your car. To tell the truth, it’s like your second home. And similar to your home, your vehicle also needs to be regularly taken for car interior detailing in Calgary. In doing so, you create a comfortable ambience inside your car, extend the lifespan of the components and enhance the value of your investment.

You take all the steps to ensure your car exterior never fails to exude the brightest shine. While a shining car exterior is your priority, don’t forget that the interiors are equally prone to dust, dirt, bacteria and allergens. Cleaning the car interior is a laborious process as every nook and cranny must be inspected and deep cleaned. Not only can that, without the right equipment, product or methods, your car interior can get damaged beyond repair.

At Calgary Car Detailing, we follow a meticulously planned interior car cleaning process and combine advanced equipment and decades of experience to ensure your car is in optimum condition.

Coming straight from the leading interior car cleaning specialists, here are the best tips to keep your car interior fresh, immaculate and spotless.

Interior Car Cleaning in Calgary

Helpful Tips to Keep Your Car Interior Clean & Hygienic


    1. Eliminate the excess: As we said earlier, your car is your home away from home. This means your car is often a collection spot for packets of chips, empty coffee cups, toys and plastic bags on the backseat, floor or underneath the seats. It is natural for all these clutters to get inside your car, especially if you have very young members in your family. However, it is important to make sure they’re not allowed to accumulate unless you want to spot mice infestation or inhale the smell of rotten food!
      1. Vacuum thoroughly: A crucial step we follow for our interior car cleaning Calgary process is vacuuming. This is THE step that sucks up dust particles, pet hair and debris from the door panels, car seats, floor, dashboard, center console and every nook and crevice. Modern handheld vacuum cleaners are particularly convenient and more effective in digesting the dry contaminants compared to the conventional models with extension cords. Their compact size facilitates easier accessibility in hard-to-reach areas, like beneath the seats, to draw out dust, scraps and litter.
      1. Wipe down the hard surfaces: The second step, after vacuuming, is wiping down the plastic and vinyl surfaces with appropriate chemicals. At Calgary Car Detailing, we always use premium quality cleaners and solvents that are specifically designed to spruce up your car’s interior components and leave a lasting shine. Using a soft, clean microfiber cloth, we target a specific area, apply the chemical in circular motions and gradually work out the remaining portions. All the car interior parts are cleaned with specially formulated solutions from the best labels. Consequently, your car interior gets back the glow and fresh look that you’ve been waiting for!
      1. Clean the floor mats: Want to know which is the filthiest spot inside your vehicle? It’s the floor mats. Mud, dirt and grime get accumulated on the floor mats when you step into your car. Cleaning the floor mats is not everyone’s thing and it isn’t an enjoyable activity either. Hence, while you can give the mats a vigorous shake everyday but when it comes to removing the filth, let the specialists for car interior detailing Calgary serve you with excellent results.
      1. Conditioning the car interior: Did you think polishing is only applicable to your car exterior? You’re quite mistaken. A good car interior conditioner and other revitalizers can work wonders like the polishes, in rendering the dashboard with a superior glow or restoring the shine of your leather seats. Those dull, cracked and rough leather seats will become smooth, supple and soft once again.However, please note that car interior polishes must be carefully chosen and it depends on the kind of interior you have. Since navigating the world of car cleaning products is a complicated task, why stress unnecessarily when you can hire the experts for the job and get assured satisfying results? Work smart and not hard, you see.

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Keeping your car interior spic and span doesn’t have to be the most dreadful job on the earth. Your car can sport the cleanest and most glamorous look inside out when brought to Calgary Car Detailing. As the leading provider of car interior detailing in Calgary, we make use of our extensive experience, professional-grade tools and comprehensive planning to clean up your vehicle interior. Our professional car cleaning services guarantee 100% satisfaction or we return your money!