1October, 2015

How to Ensure Detailed Polishing for Your Car?

Detailed Polishing of Car

Polishing a car ensures proper shine and prevents the paint to undergo discoloration due to effects to UV rays, dust and debris. However, in order to carry out polishing, you need to have proper expertise. In addition, for attaining the best outcome, you have to purchase the right products that are safe for use. If you cannot perform a proper survey regarding the polishing products and equipment, you can straightaway take your car to a car detailing company in Calgary NE, which will perform such task with proper care and restore the new look of the vehicle in short time.

Detailed Polishing of Car

Washing the Car’s Body

The car detailing staff takes the car in a shaded area and washes the car manually in order to remove dust and debris from the paint’s surface. Such professional ensures that the surface does not dry out.
During the wash, the car detailing staff will also ensure that the windowpanes are properly closed.

Otherwise, the water will spill inside the car and damage the upholstery and carpet. If your car sports dark color, then the car wash staff will use softer pads and polishing compounds because these items are sensitive to swirl marks. If the exterior sports light hue, then aggressive compounds and pads are used for attaining the desired outcome.

Usage of Polishing Pad

After the entire body has been washed, the car detailer deploys orbital polishing pad to polish the car. The polishing interface disk is fitted with a appropriate, clean pad that applies the required amount of compound on a body panel. Then the polish is spread with the polishing pad by operating it at moderate speed.

While using the polishing DA PAD, the staff ensures that the surface of the pad rests parallel to that of the panel in order to avoid the occurrence of swirl marks. Constant pressure is applied with the wheel and back and forth actions are performed to cover the entire surface with the polishing compound.

Rinsing Off the Foam Pad

When a single panel has undergone the treatment, the car cleaning staff switches off the polishing wheel and removes the foam pad. The foam pad is washed with a power washer or hose to make it free from the gummed up the compound.

After cleaning of a foam pad, it is fitted to the polishing wheel and the process is repeated for other panels.

Rinsing of Car

The car is washed and rinsed again after the application of compound. Then, the vehicle is dried out thoroughly.

Application of Wax

A coat of wax is applied on the paint for masking the remaining surface imperfections and swirl marks. The car detailer mounts a soft foam pad on an orbital sander and applies paste wax and the finishing polish on the pad, in the ratio of 60:40. The sander is pressed into action in order to spread the wax in back and forth motion. When the wax dries out, it is removed by using a microfiber towel.

These are the techniques that are followed by a car detailing service in Calgary NE to polish a car and offer a new look to the vehicle.