31January, 2017

Keep Your Car Window Crystal Clear with The Following Tips

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A million of cars may be rolling onto the streets today, but not all can turn heads or drop jaws with their killer appearances. Every car owner dreams of turning heads with a drop-dead beautiful, swanky four-wheel. But, not many can chalk out proper maintenance and cleaning rituals for their mean machines. However, a car’s windows are probably the most under-rated parts, when it comes to automobile care. Since windows make up a large part of the car exterior, maintaining them on a regular basis can create a huge difference in how a four-wheel looks and feels.

Car cleaning Calgary

Cleaning car windows cannot be a breezy affair, if you don’t have the right tools and techniques. Sometimes, people set out with paper towels and Windex to clean their car windows, but end up with a paper towel and Windex fibers left on the windows. Most of the Windex formulations contain ammonia in the amalgamation, which can dry out rubber and plastic, ruining window tint by causing it to peel. Paper towels are multiple sheets of paper towels which are glued together. This glue can get onto your window and contribute to the streaks. Wondering how to clean the dirty car windows without fanning the troubles further? Here in this blog, we have queued up a bunch of streak-free window cleaning tips that you can follow to stir clear of all the complications –

  • Clean your car windows and mirror last. To fetch the best result, you need to purchase the mild yet effective cleaners to remove the dirt, spots and dust off. By cleaning your car mirror and windows last, you can prevent your freshly cleaned windows from getting soiled by over spray while cleaning other parts of your vehicle.
  • Clean or wash glasses that are cool. Refrain from washing or cleaning glasses when they are hot. Pull the car into the shade of your garage and wait until the glass cools off before cleaning. It can help you prevent the cleaner from drying too quickly on the surface of the glass.
  • Begin the cleaning process with the windshield and rear windshield. These are always the most difficult areas to clean, thanks to their intricate angular positions.
  • Use different strokes for cleaning the interior and exterior of your mean machine. Take for instance, use vertical strokes on the interior portion of the glass. Rely on horizontal strokes to deal with the exterior portions. This technique can help you decide or understand that which portion of the window requires being cleaned again.
  • Take newspaper for an eco-friendly approach to cleaning glass. Take one piece of newspaper for each side of the window, and two pieces for the rear and windshield of your automobile. Then buff each window with a clean piece of newspaper to wrap it up with a streak-free and crystal clear window.
  • If you dilute your glass cleaner , it’s advisable to use distilled water. It is safe to use distilled water, since it does not contain minerals, additional gasses or any harmful contaminants. It is a good practice to dilute all cleaners with distilled water because tap water is often considered the hard water with a relatively high mineral content. Sometimes, these minerals are left behind on the surface, once the water or liquid cleaner has evaporated off the surface creating water spots.
  • Make sure to clean the wiper blades. Use premium-quality cleaning solutions to wipe off the wiper blades.

It takes a lot of efforts and hands-on experience to properly clean a car window. Sometimes, things may fail to pick up to your likings due to smattering of necessary equipment and expertise. Hence, it’s advisable that you should rely on professional car cleaning services in Calgary to make your car windows sparkling-clean.