16April, 2021

3 Types of Paint Scratches that Require Car Detailing in Calgary

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Just when you were about to get inside your car and drive to your work, you see not one but plenty of minor scratches on the car’s body. Before you even begin to wonder who’s done it and how did these happen, your heart is already broken into two. Well, it’s not only you but for any car enthusiast, the sight of scratches on the car exterior is depressing and frustrating, to say the least. No matter how minor they appear, paint imperfections are difficult to get rid of once they get embedded and can ruin the beauty of your ride. Hence, no sooner than you spot scratches, swirl marks and other types of paint imperfections, you’re advised to visit a car detailing Calgary facility where the professionals can treat minor scratches and paint imperfections and offer a revamped look to your precious possession.

Scratches on the car paint are of various types and unless you’re a professional, it’s difficult to know whether you should visit a car detailing shop straightaway or try DIY fixes. But after reading this blog, you’ll know which car paint scratches require nothing but a professional fix. Here we go!

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Kinds of Paint Scratches that Require a Car Detailing Calgary Service

  1. Clear coat scratches: The paintwork of a car is composed of several layers and being the topmost layer, most of the scratches easily affect the clear coat. This is the first layer that protects the car paint from various environmental impacts which include the UV rays of the sun, rain, snow and pollution. Scratches on the clear coat don’t indicate damage to the paintwork. Moreover, clear coat scratches are easier to remove. Nevertheless, it’s always a safer option to call in on a professional Calgary car detailing service to avoid causing further damage.
  1. Primer scratches: When scratches penetrate the top layer, they expose the second layer called the primer. Primer scratches might appear to be a catastrophic injury to the aesthetics of your vehicle but that’s not the real story. If you observe closely, you’ll find that the primer’s colour is being revealed. This indicates that the body of the vehicle still retains protection from rust and other damaging elements and the deepest/ last layer is still not exposed. Unless you’re using the latest equipment and appropriate techniques like the car detailing professionals, repairing this type of scratch on your own is quite a task that entails the risk of inducing additional damage.
  1. Paint scratches: This is the deepest layer of the car paint and when scratches penetrate so deep, it only means one thing – the clear coat and primer have all been severely affected. Scratches on the paintwork tend to expose the metal surface underneath. The reason why you shouldn’t leave this type of scratch unattended is that rust might soon begin to form as the metal surface comes in direct contact with air. So, the moment you notice the scratch has removed the paint, don’t hesitate to book a professional car detailing Calgary.

Hire Top-Notch Car Detailing Calgary Services at Calgary Car Detailing

Noticing scratches on your car’s exterior can be distressing. You might resort to the popular DIY scratch removal remedies to avoid the cost of hiring an expert service. However, it is important to know that home remedies and DIY scratch repair kits can only address the issue from the surface and not comprehensively. On the contrary, at a reputable car detailing Calgary facility like Calgary Car Detailing, the professionals will begin by washing the car to remove any contaminants and debris followed by assessing the damage, removing excess paint from the affected area using sandpaper, applying paint protection film and lastly, buffing, polishing and waxing the car exterior for the perfect showroom-finish.