26April, 2021

Car Detailing Calgary – Secrets to Keep Your Car Looking New

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Congratulations on purchasing your dream car! The feeling of sitting at the wheels is inexplicable, isn’t it? How you can’t stop admiring the glossy exterior and super clean interior! Understandably, you want to do everything to ensure your car has this new look and feel as long as possible. Unfortunately, after being exposed to dirt, harsh sunlight, and pollution everyday, don’t be surprised if you find the exterior dull and unimpressive and the interior grimy. If your car is lacking that brand-new look, it’s because you haven’t availed a professional car detailing Calgary service even for once.

Detailing your car at regular intervals is the secret to retaining the showroom glamour of your car. It requires professional tools, quality products and most importantly, the right skills to keep your car looking spotless and glowing. Maintaining your car is no easy feat. Hence, we’ll share some effective and easy hacks to help you retain your car’s radiant glow.

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Simple Hacks to Restore Your Car’s Brand New Look 

  1. Wash and polish regularly: When on the road, your car’s going to be the magnet for pollutants, dirt, grime and dust. If left neglected, these get embedded and diminish the glow. Properly washing and polishing your car goes beyond the ordinary soap and bucket method.

It’ll require professional car wash shampoo, various cleaning tools, detailing sprays and car wax to protect the paint finish. No time to purchase the car cleaning essentials or wash and polish the vehicle yourself? You can consider getting your car professionally detailed at a reputable Calgary car detailing facility. Expert skills, a range of services, high-quality tools and products, you’ll get everything under one roof at a reasonable price.

  1. Pay attention to the interior: The immaculate appearance of your car begins with a spotless exterior but doesn’t end there. A flawless interior also adds to the appeal and glamour of your vehicle. When you’re spending most of the time behind the wheels, the importance of a clean interior, for both physical and mental health, can’t be stressed upon. 

For the stubborn stains, blotchy windows and muddy floor mats, hiring an interior car detailing service makes complete sense. Designed to make the interior look spotless, the service entails thorough vacuuming, cleaning and dressing the vinyl plastic, trim, dash, center console, leather seat cleaning and condition, carpets, seats and upholstery shampooing and more.

  1. Keep the floor mats clean: The floor mats endure the highest amount of dirt and grime throughout the day. They get covered with mud, food particles, dust, crud and other elements that are introduced via your shoes inside the car. Cleaning car mats is easy. First, take them out and give a firm shake to remove the loose dirt. Then scrub and wash the floor mats with soap and water to remove the mud stains and embedded grime. This should give the floor mats a clean and clear look.
  1. Take care of the headlights: Do you think you’ll drive your car only in the daytime? Maintaining the headlights is also an essential part of car care not just for cosmetic concerns but also for safety. The headlights have a plastic covering on the outside which fades over time. If you find the headlights illuminating the road insufficiently while driving after dark, don’t doubt your vision because it’s time to restore the headlights to their original condition. Simply take your car to a reliable car detailing Calgary company like Calgary Car Detailing where the professionals are equipped with the best products and tools to restore the clouded, yellowed or discoloured headlights. And did we tell you it’s a cost-effective solution to headlights replacement?

Restore Your Car’s New Look at Calgary Car Detailing

Calgary Car Detailing is a notable car detailing Calgary company that provides a wide array of vehicle maintenance services. From interior and exterior detailing to headlights restoration, paint protection and upholstery protection, our services are tailored to suit your requirements and performed by highly experienced professionals only.