10April, 2021

5 Car Interior Places You Should Never Forget to Clean

It might be hard to believe but your car is almost like a second home. You drive it alright but inside your car, you also eat, sleep (when somebody else is at the wheels, obviously!), listen to music, play games, speak on the phone, stamp the carpets with your dirty shoes and spill drinks by accident. While you’re likely to vacuum and wipe down the car interior surfaces with soap and water on the weekend, availing a professional car interior detailing Calgary service is worth it if you want your car interior to look spotlessly clean and fresh.

To ensure the good health and safety of both you and your passengers, it’s important to keep your car interior clean in the right way. There’s a reason why you’re advised to book a professional interior car detailing service. It’s because the professionals never miss out on any area while detailing your car interior. On the contrary, if you’re cleaning the interior yourself, you can overlook not one but many places inside your car, leaving them dirty, messy and grimy as they were.

The following are the places inside your car that you might forget to clean but not a professional car detailer.

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Car Interior Places You Often Forget to Clean But Not a Professional Detailer

  1. Trunk: Alright. Nobody will ever think of sitting there but it’s still a great storehouse of dirt, dust, grime, virus and what not! The trunk is one place in your car that you often use to store all kinds of newly bought purchases, till you reach home. While the carpet inside the trunk is designed to be long-lasting and easy to clean, the area beneath the spare tire is the actual place that’s filled with road salt, moisture and dirt, especially if the spare tire is a used one. A professional interior car detailing service includes the cleaning of the trunk; the detailer will shampoo the carpet, remove the loose dirt particles by vacuuming and clean the entire cargo compartment of the vehicle.

  1. The dash: With the numerous buttons, nooks and levers, it’s no wonder why the dash is one of the trickiest places to clean inside the car. Perhaps that’s the reason why car owners choose to ignore cleaning the dash! When you go for professional car interior detailing in Calgary, you’re assured to have the dash cleaned and dressed professionally. The detailers remove the accumulated dirt and dust from the crevices and the several hard to reach areas with specialized tools very carefully. This is followed by wiping the dash with a stain remover and a high-quality cleaner for the perfect dust-free and clean look.

  1. Vents: The presence of the moving parts and exposed surface area make cleaning of the vents a little more complex than expected. Professional detailers use a soft foam brush sprayed with a cleaning solution to trap all the dust and dirt particles effectively.

  1. Sides and seams of the front seats: Removing dust, dirt, allergen and other harmful pathogens from the sides and seams of the front seats is anything but easy. It takes a professional eye to spot the grime, dirt and dust hiding in these places and that’s why car detailers are such an expert at this job. They remove dirt and crumbs from the seams and sides of the seats using a fine bristled brush and treat the stains with a powerful stain remover. In the end, these places are also disinfected with a sanitizing chemical.

  1. Headliner: Now tell us honestly. Do you clean the headliner of your car every time? Car interior cleaning, to most car owners, is restricted to cleaning the window, carpets, seats and upholstery. Surprisingly, even the roof of your car traps a huge amount of dirt, dust and those awful smells from your food and drinks. We understand that cleaning the headliner means you have to strain your arms and reach up there. But it’s not so difficult for professional detailers since they’re equipped with the best tools and high-quality upholstery cleaner with which they remove stains, eliminate odour and wipe it dry. Your headliner looks fresh and clean again!

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