17February, 2017

Try These Pre Sale Maintenance Tips While Selling Your Car

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You are proud of your four-wheel and it’s your responsibility to restore the luster of your mean machine then, now and forever. If you are selling your vehicle, there are a few things you should abide by to increase the chances of it getting sold at the desired price. Most of the car owners opt for a professional car cleaning service before selling them. If you spend a bit extra time on paying attention to the intricate areas that are generally left overlooked, the chances are galore that you can draw more potential customers. Some of the effective tricks-and-tips are queued up here to help you achieve a showroom-worthy finish every time-

Car detailing Calgary

Thoroughly clean the wheels
Wheels are one of the most underrated parts of the four-wheels that almost all the owners overlook while cleaning their automobiles. If left uncleaned and unmaintained for a while, the car wheels may not be able to function smoothly. So, ensure that your wheel arches are thoroughly cleaned with a quality degreaser or all-purpose cleaner, appropriate brush and old wash mitt.

Clean the rears of wheels
Every time you buckle up to clean your prized possession, make sure to keep the rears of your wheels sparkling clean. Most people would just clean the front portion of their wheels. If you make an effort to clean the wheel rears with a quality cleaner and a long-reach wheel brush, you will automatically give your car the upper hand wash and can make it look like it’s not been profoundly used, even if it is.

Change rusty lug nuts
An automobile with a rusty nut lug looks extremely tatty and can mar its appearance in a blink of an eye. Hence, you should immediately remove the rusted nuts and paint them to give them a fresh new look. You don’t require allocating a lot of time for doing this. Just a few light coats of black spray paint or satin silver before refitting can help you improve the look and feel of your car’s exterior.

Clean the license plate
The license plates should be cleaned the dust often accumulate in the rear. Start by removing any frame on top and use brushes and appropriate cleaner to clean hard to reach areas and back of the plate. Carefully install the plate back on the vehicle. If the screws are rusted than replace them.

Clean the door shuts
The door shuts must be cleaned to eradicate the build-ups of dust and dirt from around the hinges. The door shuts are the common areas for rust to build up. So, if they are cleaned regularly, the sale value of your car will be increased to a great extent.

A thorough cleaning of engine bay
Your engine bay must be properly cleaned and dressed. A majority of people tend to overlook the car engines. So, if a prospective buyer comes across your vehicle after viewing one with an extremely dirty engine bay, will opt for your car undoubtedly.

The leather seat must be cleaned regularly
Since the leather seat makes up a large part of your car, you should squeeze ample time out of your busy schedule to care for them. Use the appropriate cleaning brush and products to remove dust from the grain. After cleaning, condition the leather in order to refrain it from drying out. This process will also help you restore the original luster and fragrance of the leather which should top your priority list while selling your vehicle.

If cleaning your car at home is a cumbersome chore for you, consider opting for full service car wash in Calgary. The professional car detailing service in Calgary ensures to give your vehicle the desired finish required to maximize its sell value.