4June, 2015

4 Ways A Hand Car Washing in Calgary can Benefit You

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Multi-tasking parents ; busy professionals and even retirees rarely get time or energy to wash their cars. However, many do not want the risk of running their vehicles through a machine wash for the fear of damaging as well as several other drawbacks. Here, we will talk about some of the advantages of professional hand car wash over machine wash.

hand car wash in Calgary

1. A professional hand washing service will clean every nook and corner :

You cannot tell a machine to bend down a little and focus on the missed – out places. We all know that machines miss plenty of dirty spots in your vehicle, but still many car owners go for an automatic car wash because they find it quicker and more convenient. Besides, there are very few trusted companies that offer professional hand car wash in Calgary. But once you find a reliable company, you should never switch to machine wash again, because the experienced workers guarantee to reach every corner and clean up every spot. They can pause, step back and evaluate if every inch of the car has been cleaned or not.

2. Stick to hand wash because it gives less scratching :

Although, auto car wash systems claim to use soft – touch technology, but the friction equipment often scratches and damages your car. Therefore, staying with hand washing may seem old, but you must also know that old is gold. The group of professional washers will treat your car with utmost care, multiple times more than a machine wash.

3. Increase the value of your car with expert hand washing :

Proper vehicle detailing is possible only when it is done manually, or partly, automatic. So, if you are planning to give your car a sparkling new – like look, only machine wash can never give you the desired results. Therefore, count on an experienced car detailing service provider that offers hand wash. The brand new look and shiny appearance will also increase the value of your old car.

4. Hand washing identifies troubled spots and focuses on problem areas :

Your car may have specific trouble spots which requires more attention after identification. An automated cleaning process may not be able to point out the troubled spots. Besides, after thorough washing, you have to make sure that every part of your vehicle is completely dry. Hand drying produces less scratching and water spotting because it makes use of microfiber cloths.

After knowing the advantages of hand car wash over automatic wash, you decide what suits your car better. A real good hand washing can do wonders for your car. Find the best possible car wash business in Calgary and get world-car treatment. Check for reviews and past working experiences to get the best deal.