10September, 2021

Types of Paint Scratches that Need Calgary Car Detailing

Calgary car detailing

A paint scratch may look like a minor seven-letter word but spoting a single scratch on your vehicle can really make you depressed. The moment you find a scratch, you’ll start looking for various ways to remove it and unless it disappears, you will remain unsettled and jittery. Even if they appear minor, paint scratches are not easy to remove once they get embedded. Hence, the moment you spot swirl marks, scratches, and other kinds of paint imperfections, get in touch with a professional Calgary car detailing facility.

A scratch on your vehicle could potentially expose the metal beneath to the harmful elements of the environment and lower its resale value. A car detailing service can remove scratches and give back the spotless look to your car. The blog highlights some of the most common types of paint scratches. Take a look now!

Calgary Car Detailing

Different Types of Paint Scratches that Require  Calgary Car Detailing Services

Various climatic factors such as direct exposure to snow, rain, and sunlight can lead to paint imperfections. Moreover, if your car collides with another vehicle and gets scratched, the condition can aggravate, calling for an expensive repair job.

  1. Clear Coat Scratches:

They are the most superficial scratches your vehicle can experience. Clear coat is the topmost layer of your car’s detail work and takes the worst beating from the weather, including hail, UV damage, rain, and snow. This transparent and thick coating offers protection to the inner paint layers against abrasions. In addition to that, it also gives your vehicle a sleek and glossy look.  When compared to other types of scratches, clear coat scratches are comparatively easier to remove.

  1. Primer Scratches:

A primer is another protection that manufacturers add to your vehicle’s body to give it a shining, stunning, and smoother surface. Did you know, car scratches that cut through the clear coat layer and get exposed to primer coating can ruin the body paint to a great extent. In addition to that, there may be a possibility of rusting if you do not take proper protective measures immediately.  Here, availing of a professional Calgary car detailing service is indeed an ideal choice in order to avoid further damage. They polish the paintwork in order to remove the paint imperfections and provide buffing on a wax coat to protect the paint.

  1. Paint Scratches:

The most severe type of surface scratch a vehicle can get is a paint scratch. Paint scratches penetrate the protective clear-coat layer and damage the actual paint job of your car. Since these paint imperfections remove the color from your car’s paint, you will have to get the spots repainted in order to get rid of them. So, it’s best to leave the job to a facility that provides the best Calgary car detailing services and let the experts handle it efficiently.

Wrapping Up:

Noticing scratches on your car’s exterior can be distressing. So, it’s best to visit a reputable Calgary car detailing facility like Calgary Car Detailing where the highly qualified detailers are equipped with the best techniques to address scratches, scuffs and swirl marks by employing premium quality products and tools. Our car paint protection service is the best solution to protect your vehicle’s gloss and shine. We only use top-quality products and also add a permanent protective coating on your car’s exterior after washing and drying it. To know more about services, call us on 403- 370-5050.