24April, 2020

Should I Add Permanent Protective Coating to My Old Car?

Car Paint Protection Service

In the present 21st century, owning a car is more a necessity rather than a luxury. Imagine all the benefits that you enjoy by having your own car – the freedom to move out anytime, not having to depend on the availability of public transport and most of all, the pride of having your personal car, speaks a different story altogether. More than anything else, like your home, your car is also a reflection of your personality. When your car is standing on a busy road, the first thing that anyone notices is the paint of your car. If your car’s paint appears to be dull or is adorned with several scratches, don’t be surprised to catch anyone measuring the pitiable state of your car’s paintwork!

Car Paint Protection Service

Brand new cars coming straight from showrooms have a glossy exterior with excellent paintwork. But happiness is temporary and this shine won’t last forever. So, if you are thinking why your old car doesn’t have that brand new appeal anymore, the answer is simple. Your car’s permanent protective coating is damaged. Not that your car won’t look new again, but with the right paint protection service, you can restore the glam of your old car effortlessly.

In this blog, we shall bring to light several reasons that make paint protection service crucial for an old car.

  1. Protects The Originality of Your Paint : Remember when you bought your car from the showroom the first day and how the paintwork appeared to be dazzling? Perhaps, you may have thought that the car had been freshly painted before handing over to you! The truth is, regular exposure to dust, dirt and pollution causes the freshness of the car’s paint to gradually ride off. After a prolonged usage, you’ll find your car looking dull and drab. But by adding the protective coating after repainting your car, you add protection to your car’s painted surface. Rather, paint protection is a protective garment that your car wears to get maximum protection from UV rays, pollution and heat, thereby preserving the originality of your car’s paint.
  1. Keeps Your Car Well – Maintained : You’ll be happy to know that car paint protection service not only offers protection to the car’s surface but also simplifies your car maintenance methods. Whether your car’s exterior has scratches, scuffs or bird droppings, you can easily get rid of them all. Moreover, it gives your car a beautiful luster that will last for up to several months. But remember to avail permanent protection once in every two years or as suggested by your car detailing professional if you want that long – lasting shine.
  1. A High – Quality Finish : One of the major reasons why car detailers count on the power of permanent paint protection coating is because of its ability to offer a super shiny look to the car. On applying the permanent protection coating, it bonds with the paintwork, bumper and alloys imparting a smooth feel and a high glossy look to your vehicle. And this finish will last really long which means you don’t need to worry about your car suffering major sun, pollution or heat damages. In other words, if you are searching for a service that will offer the perfect blend of style and shine to your old car, you’ve got reasons to count on permanent paint protection service.
  1. Effective Protection from The Weather: Climatic conditions easily yield expensive damages to the car’s paint. Extreme summer heat or salt in winter has the power to make the paint appear dull. Moreover, with a protective coating on your car’s paint, parking under the hot sun directly, under a tree full of birds or even in the snow, is something you need not be afraid of anymore. Reason? Because you already know, car paint protection will keep the painted surface protected with no or minimum cleaning worries.

Conclusion: With the increasing rate of pollution, preserving your car’s paintwork will naturally become a difficult task. It is pointless to expect your old car to retain that same freshness like it had the first time you bought it from the showroom. But by repainting your car and then adding a permanent protective coating, you can gift your car the much needed makeover, as if it has just arrived from the showroom. Hence, paint protection is extremely valuable as it takes care of your costly investment in the best way.