29November, 2014

Striking Facts about Looking After Your Car

Calgary Car Detailing

There are certain facts that conventional perception may not keep straight so far as taking care of your car is concerned. Some common myths and misconceptions associated with auto care and maintenance measures often cost average people quite a few bucks every month. Car owners need to ensure that they are doing just what the car requires and not heading overboard.

Calgary Car Detailing

Here are some facts about looking after your car that might astonish you!

Protect Your Warranty

Consider the right service provider to get your car repaired, serviced and detailed. People sometimes think that in order to keep the warranty valid on a brand new vehicle, all work has to be performed by the dealership. However, this is actually not true. As a buyer, you have the right to get your automobile serviced where you prefer.

Going to the dealer obviously makes record keeping easier, but the same is true for any shop that you take your vehicle to every time. Follow the schedule recommended by the manufacturer for maintenance and service and keep your receipts to protect your warranty.

Follow the Manufacturer’s Recommendations

Many car owners believe that all cars need an oil change every three months or 3,000 miles. This is simply not the standard rule for all vehicles. A lot of cars manufactured these days can go much longer between oil changes than those of earlier models.

Look at the owner’s manual as this would be the best way to determine the appropriate schedule for your car. Try to adopt the frequency of the manufacturer’s suggested months figure or mileage. You should also remember which type of oil is recommended as the nature all oil is not the same. Using the right oil in your vehicle is important.

Warm-ups Not Required

There might have been a time when used to do better in the wintry weather if they had an option to warm-up first, but that is not necessarily true anymore. Modern day cars are designed to warm-up while they are driving. This means letting your vehicle run in the driveway for a few minutes is nothing but just wasting fuel.

Finally, you can never deny the contribution of professional car and auto detailing from the standpoint of the preventive measures for your car care and maintenance.