13August, 2021

A 5-Point Checklist to Keep Your Car in Perfect Condition

Remember the first time when you bought your dream car from the showroom? How instantly you fell in love with its glistening and sparkling looks! Well, as car enthusiasts, we always have a soft spot for lustrous, clean and well-maintained vehicles. For this reason, if you have a car and desire to keep it looking attractive inside out, you must go for professional car detailing in Calgary or elsewhere at regular intervals.

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Checklist to Keep Your Car Well-Groomed All Year Round

While detailing your car professionally ensures your ride stays in tip-top condition, there’s plenty of little things you can do to keep your car clean, healthy and well-maintained.

Here are the highly recommended ways by experienced professionals to ensure your ride looks its best throughout the year.

  • Follow a maintenance routine: The first trick to keep your car looking brand new is to have a proper maintenance routine and this involves caring for the interior as well as exterior of the vehicle. At Calgary Car Detailing, we employ only highly qualified and trained experts who specialize in detailing the exterior and interior using professional-grade equipment and products.We follow a meticulous procedure which includes hand washing and drying the exterior, Carnauba wax paint protection, engine bay shampooing, vacuuming the interior, washing the floor mats, cleaning and conditioning the leather seats, freshening up carpets and lots more.
  • Eliminate blemishes immediately: Your car exterior attracts a lot of foreign things like steek dust, bug residues, tree sap, water stains and more. Planning to wait till the next time you wash your car? You don’t have to! No sooner than you spot these contaminants, pour a few drops of car washer on a clean microfiber cloth and wipe them off instantly. The faster you clear them away, the better is the condition of your car’s paint.
  • Regularly wash your car: You take bath regularly, don’t you? Similarly, to keep your car spic and span, washing it regularly and properly is crucial. As a rule of thumb, clean your vehicle from the top and then go towards the bottom. If you’re washing it yourself, make sure you use an automobile-specific car wash soap and not dishwashing liquid as it contains harsh chemicals that damage the car paint.
  • Pay special attention to the interior: A clean and hygienic interior is as important as a spotless, shiny exterior. Since the interior of your car is composed of various delicate spots, like the upholstery and vinyl plastic portions, you need to be very careful when choosing the interior detailing products. For the best results, entrust the responsibility in the hands of professional detailers like us. Having extensive experience over the years, we use only high-quality cleaners, conditioners and polishes to clean up dirt and grime, remove stubborn stains and give a fresh, new look.
  • Wax your car: No professional car detailing Calgary service is complete without waxing. When done by an expert hand, waxing bestows a host of benefits to the car exterior, including a glossy shine, and makes the surface ultra-smooth. Moreover, waxing creates an invisible barrier, protecting the exterior from the damaging impacts of contaminants.

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