11June, 2021

Car Washing & Car Detailing: Aren’t They the Same Thing?

car detailing Calgary services

On one fine day, you find ugly water spots on your car exterior and muddy stains on the upholstery portions of your vehicle. How do you feel at this sight? Probably, you must be eagerly waiting to rush with a pale of water, some sponges and shampoo to scrub your car clean, right? To keep your car in tip-top shape, fortunately, there has been a consistent invention of several powerful ways over time. The two most common options include car washing and availing a professional car detailing Calgary service.

“Car washing and car detailing is the same thing so why they’re being told as different?” I know you must be having this question in your mind. So, here I am today to discuss what differentiates car detailing from car washing in this blog.

car detailing Calgary services

What is car washing?

Suggestive from the name itself, it is the washing of your car exterior to remove dirt, grime, debris and other elements. Professionals offering a car wash service may also clean the interior by vacuuming the seats and floor, washing the mats or cleaning the glass. However, not all car wash facilities do this. Car washing majorly refers to exterior cleaning using good quality shampoo and cleansers; waxing, polishing and headlight cleaning are all excluded from an ordinary car wash session.

Most car owners prefer to get their car washed than detailed and the reasons are simple. Washing a car will only take a few minutes to an hour and is also less expensive. When your car is not waxed, polished, buffed or there’s no comprehensive interior cleaning, a car wash service should certainly cost you less time and money, isn’t it?

While washing your car every week is recommended to retain the super clean and shining effect, not only me but even the highly experienced and well-known Calgary car detailing experts swear by going for a professional car detailing service at periodic intervals. Curious to know why? The next part of this blog will tell you all!

What is car detailing?

Car detailing is an exhaustive process designed to give your vehicle a stunning, brand new look. Besides the aesthetics, car detailing is an all-inclusive top-quality car maintenance treatment that takes complete care of your vehicle while offering the necessary protection.

It goes beyond the ordinary cleaning with soap and water and gives both the exterior and interior a clean, polished and glowing look. For instance, if you’re at Calgary Car Detailing, you can choose between exterior car detailing, interior car detailing or complete car detailing.

Now, what do they all mean?

Highly qualified professionals employ correct procedures, products and tools to ensure your car receives the best possible treatment. Every nook and corner of the vehicle is meticulously cleaned by hand using the right equipment. And the best part is that the exterior and interior are cleaned separately, following a set of procedures.

Exterior Detailing

• Hand wash and hand dry
• Cleaning of tires and wheels
• Carnauba wax paint protection
• Undercarriage and engine bay cleaning
• High gloss paint finish
• Claying
• Power polishing
• Hot waxing

Interior Detailing

• Through vacuuming
• Cleaning and dressing vinyl plastic, trim, dash and center console
• Window cleaning
• Leather seat cleaning and conditioning
• Floor mats are washed
• Upholstery maintenance
• Cleaning the button knobs, vents and gauges
• Steam cleaning the seats and carpets

Want the best of both worlds? You can go for a complete car detailing Calgary service that includes both exterior and interior car detailing.

Final words: There’s no hard and fast rule to assert whether car detailing is better than a car wash and vice-versa. It all boils down to how extensively you use your car and the kind of maintenance routine you follow. While washing your car every week is a MUST, going for a professional car detailing Calgary service is the best way to keep your ride looking its best. From interior and exterior detailing to headlight restoration and paint protection, Calgary Car Detailing is your go-to contact for all automobile maintenance requirements. The well-qualified and trained professionals adopt a methodical approach to revamp your vehicle beautifully.