25May, 2021

Top 4 Things You Must Never Do When Cleaning Your Car

For any car owner, seeing their vehicle in an impeccable state is perhaps the greatest joy ever. A glossy exterior and a squeaky clean interior. Who doesn’t want their car to look that way? However, caring for your vehicle is not all about exterior maintenance. You need to look after the interior parts as well. To keep your ride well-maintained, availing a professional interior car cleaning Calgary service periodically is indisputably the best way to retain the beauty of the interior. When you have sparkling clean window glass, floor mats, smooth and soft seats, dust-free dashboard, center console and air vents, you know how appealing your ride looks.

However, many car owners tend to use a wide variety of things that they find in their houses. Using replacements due to lack of professional tools looks like a well-accepted norm. But did you know these substitutes do more harm than good to your vehicle? In this blog, we’ll reveal the most damaging car cleaning substitutes you should avoid using.

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Things You Should Never Do When Cleaning Your Car

  1. Scrubbing with Brillo pads and steel wool: We understand how difficult it is to remove the deep-settled road grime from the car paint, stubborn tar balls sticking to the alloy wheels or the salt deposits on the side sills and exhaust pipes. But does that give you the liberty to grab the most abrasive item at your home? Scratches on your car paint are inevitable when you use Brillo pads and steel wool to eliminate dirt and grime.
    For this reason, you’ll always find professionals offering Calgary car detailing services employing metal polishing compounds, degreasers and specially designed brushes to scrub the sticky elements like grime, dirt deposits, sediments and other accumulations.
  2. Using dish soap: Dish soaps are amazing for cleaning your greasy dishes, bowls and utensils. But the detrimental effects they produce on car exterior and interior can’t be ignored. The chemical ingredients in common kitchen soap are notorious for consuming the car’s top coat leading to premature corrosion and fading.Say, have you ever come across bottles of dishwashing soap at professional car detailing facilities? It’s a simple NO because dish washes are formulated for cleaning dirty cookware and not dirty cars. Car detailing solutions are different; they are formulated to deep clean your vehicle, inside out, treating the tough stains, embedded dirt and grime effectively.
  3. Wiping with rags: After the cleaning process, car owners often make the mistake of wiping the vehicle dry with any old piece of cloth. As a rule of thumb, post washing, cars are to be dried with clean microfiber towels. The soft cloth absorbs the moisture effectively without leaving any water spots or marks on the surface.On the contrary, a rag or other piece of cloth is more likely to have minute particles of grit and grime. When used, it can cause swirl marks, scratches and damage the paintwork. Hence, it makes more sense why experienced detailers recommend not using any piece of cloth but microfiber towels to wipe your car dry.
  4. Cleaning glasses with household glass cleaner: The glass cleaner you use at home does a fantastic job in leaving the windows crystal clear. Even when used to clean the windshield, it bestows a similar sparkling shine coupled with stains and discolouration. Blame the ammonia that’s there inside your household cleaner.Applying the wrong cleaner can cause the window tint films to bubble, peel or even fade. Professionals performing interior car cleaning in Calgary use only certified automotive glass cleansers that produce the shining effect without the unsightly stains and splotches. No wonder why an interior car cleaning service is worth it!

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