15May, 2021

The Essential Steps In an Exterior Detailing Calgary Service

Exterior Car Detailing Calgary

Scratches and swirl marks on the paint job. Cloudy headlights. Wheels caked in mud and dirt. Windshield covered in dust and dried water spots. If that’s how your car is looking right now, your prized possession is simply in an awful state. A beautiful car is undoubtedly more valuable and most importantly, riding a clean, sparkling car can also keep your spirits elevated, no matter where you’re travelling. Availing a professional exterior detailing Calgary service from time to time is an effective way to keep your car looking fabulous. Walk into a reliable and reputable car detailing facility and you’ll find exterior car detailing listed among their offerings. 

Detailing the exterior of your car is more than just an ordinary clean-up using soap and water. If you want the scratches and swirl marks to vanish or get back crystal clear headlights, opting for a professional exterior car detailing treatment is the best option. Want to know what’s included? Then continue reading this blog!

Professional Exterior Car Detailing Calgary Service

 The Steps Involved in a Professional Exterior Car Detailing Calgary Service 

  1. Wheels: If you ask which is the dirtiest part of a car, it’s the wheels. Filled with road grime, dirt, brake dust and other dirty elements, the professionals clean the dirt and grime from every corner and edge of the wheels using different tools, automotive shampoos and cleaners. 
  1. Pre-wash: This is an important step of the exterior detailing process in which the car exterior is sprayed all over with a clear jet of water. It removes the loose dust from the surface and breaks down embedded dirt, bird droppings, grime and other elements. 
  1. Car washing: After pre-washing, a high-quality pH-neutral shampoo is applied all over the exterior. The vehicle is not rinsed off immediately but the foam is allowed to remain for some time. If there is any remaining dirt or grime after pre-wash, the thick foam encapsulates the dirt and removes it away from the paintwork. This stage is imperative to exterior detailing as it eliminates dirt as much as possible without forming swirl marks. 
  1. Decontamination: Decontamination is done using chemical solutions to eliminate contaminants from the surface. Chemical decontamination effectively removes industrial pollutants and rail dust that might have got deeply settled into the paintwork of the car. If there are stubborn tar spots, they’re dissolved using a good tar remover.

The use of a clay bar is more prevalent in a majority of the exterior detailing Calgary facilities. A clay bar is great for removing contaminants as well as leftover residues from the wash. Claying creates a smoother and cleaner appearance of the exterior and amplifies the results of polishing and waxing. 

  1. Polishing: A top-quality car polishing compound is applied to the exterior with a buffer. Polishing removes the top thin layer of the car paint. As a consequence, the minor scratches and paint imperfections are also eradicated, leaving your car paint smooth and scratch-free. 
  1. Waxing: Finally, you’ve come to the last step of an expert auto detailing Calgary The waxing compound or sealant is applied to the exterior to protect the paintwork from environmental damages, give your car the perfect showroom glow and keep your paintwork fresh for a long time.

Calgary Car Detailing Provides Professional Exterior Detailing in Calgary 

Detailing your exterior requires expert skills and the use of the right products and tools. Rather than doing DIY detailing and meting out damage to the exterior, it’s always a safer option to engage a specialized exterior detailing Calgary service. At Calgary Car Detailing, we adhere to an exhaustive approach that involves hand washing and drying, tire and wheels cleaning, hot waxing, Carnauba wax paint protection, engine bay cleaning, claying and decontaminating paint, polishing and more procedures.