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Ceramic Coating Packages

(3M Or Ceramic Pro Products)

Bronze Protection

  • Exterior Wash & Decontaminate Paint
  • 1 Layer of ceramic pro Light coat
  • 1 Layer of ceramic pro on alloy wheels
  • 1 Layer of ceramic pro light on plastic trims
  • 1 Layer of ceramic pro rain on Windshield
  • $25 gift voucher for automatic wash
**** Paint Correction not Included ****
CARS $689
SMALL SUV's $789

Silver Protection

  • Exterior Wash & Decontaminate Paint
  • 1X Layer of 9H Ceramic Pro Coating
  • 1x Layer of ceramic pro light top coat
  • 1 Layer of ceramic pro on alloy wheels
  • 1 Layer of ceramic pro light on plastic trims
  • 1 Layer of ceramic pro rain on Windshield
$ 50 gift voucher for automatic wash
**** 50% Discount on Paint Correction ****
CARS $989
SMALL SUV's $1189

Gold Protection

  • Exterior Wash & Decontaminate Paint
  • 4X Layer of 9H Ceramic Pro Coating
  • 1x Layer of ceramic pro light top coat
  • 1 Layer of ceramic pro on alloy wheels
  • 1 Layer of ceramic pro light on plastic trims
  • 1 Layer of ceramic pro rain on Windshield
50% Discount on Interior and Exterior Detailing
$100 Gift Voucher for automatic wash
**** Includes Paint Correction ****
CARS $1489
SMALL SUV's $1789



Scratch Resistance above 9H hardness


Corrosion Resistance


Protect new paint look




Water & Dirt Repellent


Excellent gloss & durability


Ceramic Pro is tested by SGS a world’s leading inspection firm


Combined with our well esteemed paint correction expertise


Applied in Ceramic Pro’s recommended temperature-controlled facility


Additional Layer of 9H Compact $199 Midsize $299 Full Size $399
Leather & Plastic
Interior Coating
Compact $399 Midsize $499 Full Size $549
Windshield $100

Do not see what you are looking for?

No worries let us know your protection requirement and we will design a custom package and pricing for you. We are expert in nano ceramic coating on all kind of vehicles including Tesla and other electric vehicles.

Ceramic Pro Coating - The Best Form of Paint Protection

In the auto detailing sector of Calgary, there are several methods to make your old car look as good as new. While car cleaning, washing, polishing, buffing and waxing are the tried-and-tested ways to make your car look spic-and-span, there is also another addition to the detailing procedure- ceramic pro coating. Protecting the paint of the car is a necessity if you want to flaunt a glamorous looking vehicle. With our ceramic pro Calgary service, we keep your vehicle in perfect condition. Our ceramic pro coating or nano coating paint protection service gives that additional layer to your car that acts as a preventing sheet against any unwanted stains or marks, thereby keeping your car paint fresh and long-lasting.

What is nano coating paint protection?

Nano coating is the same as a ceramic pro coating. These are liquids which when applied to your vehicle, blend with the paintwork and make the surface appear glossy. Besides, nano coating acts as a long-lasting barrier against contaminants, UV rays and prevents hard water spots. The function of nano coating paint protection is to protect, preserve and enhance your vehicle’s appearance.

Radiant and Glossy Car with Nano Coating Paint Protection

The power of our Ceramic Coating Paint Protection is immense. If your car paint is affected by rock chips, insect acids, tree sap, snow or dirt, there is no reason to brood over your car’s ruined exterior. By availing of our ceramic coating car protection service, you can protect your car’s paint from such coarse elements that ruin your car’s appearance. By applying ceramic pro coating to your car, not only will your car’s paint will be protected but also it will be easier to clean your car’s exterior thoroughly. After all, a smooth car exterior is more effectively cleaned than an uneven surface.

At Calgary Car Detailing, we swear by only one promise: to protect your automobile with all that it takes. Our exclusive nano coating paint protection service is just what you need to see your prized vehicle sparkling and shining. We know how you feel when you see scratches, marks and stains on your car paint. Hence, we do our best to protect your car’s exterior surfaces from the different elements causing wear and tear. Besides, there is all the more reason for availing ceramic pro Calgary- it reduces the car wash time as well as maintenance cost.

Our professionals are well-trained in using nano coating/ceramic coating Calgary products. We always customize our methods and techniques according to the degree of protection required by your vehicle. So if you want to drive your car without worrying about damaging your car’s paint, our ceramic coating Calgary NW, SW service is exactly the thing you have been wishing for!

Ceramic Coating vs Wax

People are strapped for time, so waxing their cars regularly isn't always feasible. Ceramic coatings make car waxing a thing of the past. There's more to it than that. There are a few things that traditional waxing can't do.

  • Due to ceramic coatings' nine-fold strength over clear coats and waxes, the word 9H is used to describe these coatings.
  • Ceramic coating provides excellent dirt and water repellent properties.
  • The layer created by ceramic coating protects the surface from UV rays and reduces fading of the paint.
  • As opposed to carnauba wax, which is derived from trees, ceramic coatings are composed of silicone dioxide (SiO2), an incredibly strong chemical compound.
  • A superior level of protection is provided from bird droppings, graffiti, acid rain, and salt water.

The best ceramic coating

There are so many ceramic coatings that it's easy to get confused. You've heard of spray ceramic coating, hybrid ceramic coating, and professional ceramic coatings.

Many products are readily available at big stores like Canadian Tire, giving consumers a lot of choices. While we can't comment on the merits of each coating manufacturer, a professional ceramic coating installed at a shop or as a DIY ceramic coating project is way better than a spray ceramic coating. It doesn't make a ceramic product durable and scratch-resistant just because it's called ceramic.

We encourage consumers to read the label to see how long the product will last and if it's scratch resistant. How often should it be applied, if it's 9H hard, and if there's a warranty?

The only ceramic coatings we use at Calgary Car Detailing are Xpel Fusion Plus, 3M ceramic coatings, and Ceramic Pro. These are time-tested products that work.

3M VS Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coatings vs paint protection film is a hot topic. As far as scratch resistance and rock chip protection are concerned, PPF wins. However, PPF could cost about 5 thousand dollars for the entire car. Ceramic definitely has a cost advantage. Ideal protection is a mix of ceramic coating and PPF. Putting paint protection film on the more vulnerable areas, like the front, and ceramic coating on the rest is best. Get Calgary ceramic coating at 50 percent discount when you buy a paint protection film package.