15November, 2016

Vehicle Checklist to Take Care of Your Prized Possession

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A plush abode, a closet full of high-brand outfits and a pair of hot wheels top almost everyone’s wish list in today’s world. Especially, a car plays a crucial role in our everyday life. From heading to the office on time to having a long drive with your beau, a vehicle is mandatory in all walks of life. Are you planning to buy a swanky vehicle this Christmas? But it’s not all about buying a vehicle. You should emphasize on taking care of your prized possession on a regular basis. Besides ensuring an optimum performance and the longevity of your vehicle, a daily care also helps restore its luster. Go through these following pointers provided by car detailing Calgary and get some essential car care tips.

car detailing Calgary

Pay attention to the hard-to-reach corners:

Begin your daily car care ritual with working on the interior. Use the compressed air in a can to blow dust and dirt out from the small crevices. Save exterior cleaning for later. With this approach, you will be able to prevent all the dust you eradicate from undoing exterior auto
detailing efforts.

Clean plastic, vinyl and windows:

Clean the hard interior surfaces with a soft cloth dampened with a mild cleaner. Take help of a paper towel and window cleaner on the interior glasses. The nest step will be to rub off the glass with a balled-down newspaper. This step can’t afford a skip or a miss if you want to give it a gleaming shine.

Work from the top down:

Cloth headliners can cause complications as they are glued to the roof. Removing stains and marks can be really tough, but it is important to remember that headliners should not get wet. Use an upholstery cleaner and microfiber cloth to apply on suede and velour.

Use the dry part of the cloth to brush the entire headliner. The next step would be to apply cleaner to the cloth, but not directly to the headliner and keep brushing everything gently. For the stubborn stains, wet just one corner of the cloth with a mild cleaner, then brush lightly and dry off with the rest of the cloth.

Scrub the seats:

You need a few specific products to deal with the seats. Foaming cleaners are perfect for treating the dirty upholstery. You can rely on an upholstery brush as well. Always use a real leather or leather conditioner – not a vinyl cleaner. The repair kits can work wonders in treating the tears in vinyl seats. Don’t fret by the pet hair on fabric upholstery. Wrap wide masking tape or duct tape around your hand keeping the sticky side out. Then, roll your hand over the targeted areas until the tape is full of pet hair. Repeat the same process with a new tape until all areas are done.

Take care of floor mats:

When it comes to cleaning the carpets or floor mats, it’s advisable to create an extra room by getting all the heavily soiled things out of your vehicle. Take for instance, fabric and rubber floor mats should be washed outside of the car. If the mats or carpets are worn, then consider replacing them with the brand new ones. Use a mild foaming cleaner to remove the minor carpet spots. Avoid getting the carpets saturated with cleaner or water, so that mildew won’t create any complication.

Finishing touch to the exterior:

The doorjambs should be detailed at first. Use dry paper towels should be used to wipe off the stubborn grease. After that, a foamy/soapy water solution is perfect. Finish with tiny brushes for the tight areas and never forget to wax the doorjambs. Change the rag as well as the water in your bucket to avoid rubbing the dirt back onto your vehicle. With help of toothbrush, you can get into the tight corners such as around tail light or headlight, mirrors and door handles.

Go ahead! Make your car look absolutely spick-and-span with these simple steps.