28November, 2016

Follow These Detailing Tips to Take Care of Your Swanky Car

calgary car detailing

Every pleasure seeker must have dreamt of wheeling around in a swanky, stylish car. Are you fond of luxury cars and planning to bring home one? You will surely get plenty of options. But, before buying your prized possession, make sure to read out these following tips for detailing high-end four wheels.

calgary car detailing

Heavy cleaning

While drive-through vehicle wash is the most obvious sin, there are many other pitfalls which can leave harmful effects on your vehicle if you are not careful. It is always better to pull your vehicle out of the sun before washing it. It ensures that the surface of your car has completely cooled down. Specialized synthetic wash, which helps in pulling the dirt away is ideal for scrubbing. It is advisable to avoid sponge or cloths when following the process. It is a good idea to use a two-bucket system. One bucket should be filled with car wash soap and water, while the other one with clean water. Drying must be done with an air tool, not with cloths or towels.

Paint correction

This is unfortunate that most of the exotics don’t leave the factory with the standard of polish or detailing service that a high-end car deserves. Most of them have what are refered to as buffer trails that are micro scratches caused by the wool buffers used in the factories for detailing or polishing. These scratches eventually distort the beauty and luster of your vehicle. As a result, it makes your vehicle to look lesser than a stellar. To fix the issue, it’s better to visit a professional paint correction specialist in town.

Interior detailing

Nobody would ever like to zip around a car that is dirty inside! Hygiene plays a crucial role in maintaining the aesthetics and luster of your prized possession. So, it’s advisable to consider detailing the interior of your car as frequently as possible. Interior detailing includes everything from polishing and dusting to removing spots and beyond. An air compasser is used to pull the dust out from every nook and cranny of a car. Rely on the appropriate cleaner for the material on which you are working, be it leather, plastic or fabric. The harmful effects of UV rays can damage the interior. Hence, make sure to use the right conditioners on the seats, dashboards and other sensitive materials.


Waxing cannot afford a skip or a miss if you want your car to look like a brand-new for an extended time. Waxing ensures that your car paint is protected from the dust and dirt. It’s advisable to use a microfiber cloth to apply the wax coat with small circular overlapping strokes. Synthetic polymer waxes usually provide longer-lasting protection than the classic carnauba-based waxes. Waxes must be applied at least once every two months.

Before you think of treating yourself to the comforts of a luxury car make sure to follow all these steps. Skeptical about your detailing skills? Don’t fret! With the citizens warming up the concept of vehicle detailing, plenty of Calgary car detailing service providers have sprung up everywhere. You can rely on these auto detailing services in Calgary to fetch the best result.