26October, 2020

The Truth Behind the Most Damaging Car Detailing Myths

Calgary car detailing

Is there anyone who is yet to learn about the benefits of car detailing? As they say, ‘beauty is skin deep’, so is a professional Calgary car detailing service! It not only removes dirt and grime but also addresses the paint imperfections like scratches, swirls, etc. brings back the lost glam and shine as well as restores the condition of the headlights. In other words, if there is a service that keeps your vehicle in top condition throughout the year, there is nothing better than an expert car detailing service.

Taking your car for a detailing job is like going for a routine check-up to the doctor; your car’s condition, both on the inside and outside is assessed and accordingly the procedures are implemented. However, many car owners ignore the importance of periodical car detailing, all the more after reading the scores of detailing myths populating the internet today. Myths, whether pertaining to auto detailing or anything else, are always misleading. And if you’re believing in these car detailing myths, you’re doing more harm than good to your vehicle. Let’s buckle up for an interesting read then?

Calgary car detailing

Most Popular Car Detailing Myths & the Facts Behind Them

  1. A shiny car doesn’t need auto detailing: Don’t decide whether your car needs auto detailing from its shine. It may seem logical initially, when your car looks clean and shiny but in reality, a shiny car exterior can still be filthy. Rather than judging from the glow, touch your car. Do you feel some rough or rutty patches on your hands? It’s a clear sign that your vehicle still has contaminants and you need to book a car detailing service. The professionals will apply wax and polish to your vehicle after washing to remove these coarse contaminants that can damage your car paint in the long run.

  1. Machine polishers damage the car’s paintwork: Not at all! For your information, car paint is extremely durable and can withstand winds, storms and other elements of the like. A dual-action machine polisher that is specifically designed to polish the painted surfaces of cars will never cause any damage. However, damages from machine polishers occur when it is done by an inexperienced hand. For this reason, you are advised to only visit a reputable facility for car detailing Calgary NW to get your car polished correctly. The professionals are skilled to use orbitals (polishing machines) and are aware of the basic precautions to be taken while polishing your car.

  1. Use only soft old rags for car detailing: Old towels, flannels or t-shirts may be extremely soft on your skin but not for your car. Detailing or washing your car with such fabrics will leave scratches and swirls on the clear coat. Such materials contain partially rough polyester threads, the number one reason why ‘soft old rags’ equate with scratches and swirl marks. Professional detailers use specialized tools that are particularly designed for the detailing purpose. And that’s the reason why expert detailers do a whole lot better job than you!

  1. Once your car is waxed, it lasts up to five years: Wrong! Even if you use the best quality wax, it won’t last for several years in a row. Due to the increasing pollution levels every year, wax usually lasts for a lesser time than it did previously. As per the advice of experienced detailers, a car should be waxed every season. The truth is, no wax lasts forever; opting for an expert car waxing service at a regular interval is the key to keep your car looking shiny and fabulous.

Wrapping up: Keeping your car in optimum conditions is a challenge. It requires well-rounded knowledge to be able to offer your vehicle the care that it deserves. However, complications arise when you pay attention to such car detailing myths and start adopting the wrong practices. Consequently, your vehicle endures the undesired effects. So, be wise, don’t pay heed to such misconceptions and book a professional car detailing service at periodic intervals. Calgary Car Detailing is notable for providing top-notch detailing, paint correction, waxing and headlight restoration services. We use the best-in-line tools and products to detail your car and make it look as good as new.