12November, 2020

What Are the Most Effective Ways to Protect My Car’s Interior?

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The most common way to assess the condition of a car is by looking at the exterior; if the outer part of the car is clean and sparkling, the vehicle is said to be in an excellent state, isn’t it? We suggest you think again! A car’s value is much more than having a dazzling exterior. Of course, if the exterior is polished and scratch-free, it defines how well you maintain your possession but the importance of having a spotless car interior cannot be less emphasized either. Dull leather seats, stained upholstery, soiled floor mats and unpleasant odour are some of the signs that tell you need interior car cleaning in Calgary.

A well-maintained car interior offers a safe and comfortable ride because let.s admit, if you’re spending a long period of time inside your car, you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable, right? Getting inside your car shouldn’t be a dreadful experience, either for you, your family or friends. For this reason, we’re here to share some awesome tips to protect your car interior so that it keeps looking as fabulous as you!

Ready? Let’s begin!

interior car cleaning Calgary

Useful Ideas to Protect Your Car Interior from Damage

  1. Purchase floor mats: We know what you’re thinking – “carpets and floor mats are the same thing. Why have both?”

Let us tell you that floor mats are used on top of the carpets to keep it protected and that’s why the discussion! You may be the tidiest person but you certainly can’t guarantee that your shoes won’t leave any trace of dirt when you step inside. Floor mats serve a special advantage – they collect all the dirt, grit and grime and don’t absorb water either. Consequently, the carpets beneath the floor mats remain clean and spotless. Moreover, these floor mats can also be removed and cleaned anytime.  See the convenience?

  1. Obstruct sunlight: Sunlight gifts your body with generous amounts of vitamin D but it doesn’t benefit the interior of your car in any way. Excessive sunlight leaves your car’s upholstery dry, stiff and gradually, it forms cracks and tears. According to the experts at a leading interior car cleaning Calgary facility, sunlight is the number one reason why car upholstery fades and loses appeal. If a car’s upholstery looks so dull and damaged, it is understandable why such a vehicle fails to fetch the expected value.

What’s the solution?

  • Use dash, rear and side window covers; these will reflect heat by blocking sunlight, keeping the car interior cool and protected.
  • Avail a professional carpet and upholstery shampooing service from a good car detailing facility. The experts will shampoo and steam clean the seats, carpets and other car fabrics. The deep cleaning method removes stubborn stains, kills bacteria and restores a fresh look for the upholstery. The application of the fabric guard keeps the upholstery soft, clean and well-protected.
  1. Regularly vacuum: Believe it or not but vacuuming is actually the easiest way to protect your car interior. Apart from removing loose dust particles, a vacuum cleaner sucks up even the smallest debris or crumbs that are difficult to notice. From the seats to the upholstery and carpets, you can vacuum every nook and corner of your car interior to keep it free of dirt, debris and offensive smell. So, purchase a good vacuum cleaner for your car and make sure you vacuum after every use.

Conclusion: When it comes to maintaining a car, a lot of attention is paid to the exterior only. Contrary to the popular belief, a well-maintained car speaks of both the exterior and interior conditions. A stunningly clean exterior with an utterly dirty interior is not the car you can be proud of. Maintaining the interior of your car is crucial should you want to extend its lifespan and reduce the need for frequent repairs and replacement. Thus, implement the above-mentioned ideas and schedule an interior car cleaning Calgary service at regular intervals. Calgary Car Detailing is one of the best ranking facilities that provides complete detailing services, including interior car cleaning.