29January, 2015

Top 10 Clean and Green Driving Tips

Green Driving Tips

To drive clean basically means keeping the vehicle you drive is well tuned and maintained. Calgary Car Detailing can ensure your car looks great both inside out with professional exterior and interior detailing services. Keeping your car in proper working order is the way to give off lesser contaminants into the air.

Green Driving Tips

Here are some tips to guide you in doing your part to drive clean

1. Maintain your vehicle on a regular basis. It helps follow the recommended service intervals of the manufacturer. Thus, you can maximize your car’s fuel economy.
2. Try and keep your tires at their best possible inflation pressure. You should check the sides of the tires for the correct PSI level and keep them inflated there.
3. If your vehicle is well tuned, it can save 40% more fuel and emit much less contaminants for eco-friendly driving.
4. Decrease the amount of times you require to start and stop your car. One approach is to prepare your trips by combining errands.
5. Get your engine light checked if it’s on. Your vehicle may require something minor that will turn into something major if not looked after. If the light goes off, it means something is not somewhat right and it is always better to be on the safe side.
6. Don’t forget that opening vents and rolling up the windows can make your car more aerodynamic while saving fuel consumption.
7. Try to keep the load in your car as low as possible. The weightier the load you are carrying, the more fuel you will be using.
8. Obeying the speed limit is another trick that actually saves a lot of gas. Instead of hasty starts and hard stops, drive at the posted rate in order to save on fuel.
9. Car pooling is an amazing way to reduce the amount of vehicles on the road as well as the total emissions.
10. Don’t be still as idling dissipates fuel and can wear down the engine must earlier, thereby leading to untimely repairs and increased maintenance. Try to keep the engine off whenever you can.

It is a necessity to make our planet a clean and healthy place for everyone to live in and for this we all need to work together. Following these steps, car owners can make a considerable contribution in this regard. Yes, you can also help the environment while you are driving your vehicle through ensuring that your car is not sending so many emissions into the air.

Exclusive auto detailing in Calgary and elsewhere can always help you decrease smog in the air along with various major causes of the emissions from our vehicles.