12February, 2015

10 Simple Spring Car Maintenance Tips

Car detailing Calgary

Spring has finally come after a long, cold winter all across most of the country. This is a perfect time to get your vehicle back into shape after a harsh season facing frigid temperatures, ice, snow and potholes.

Car detailing Calgary

Add a Checkup to Your Spring Cleanup

Spring is the time to thank your valuable vehicle for its great winter performance with a maintenance repair. There are many things you can do yourself to help your car running smooth.

Here are some spring car tire tips to get your car ready for the forthcoming road travel season.

1. Remove Winter Tires: It is always a good idea to have your tires replaced or rotated even if your car doesn’t have winter tires.

2. Check Brakes: Pay attention to signs of brake wear like screeching or squealing.

3. Inspect Belts and Hoses: A slipping belt will affect the electrical system including the cooling system, air conditioning and power steering. Check and replace cracked or worn belts and hoses that are brittle, blistered or very soft. Belts and hoses older than five years may also need to be replaced, even if they look intact.

4. Clean the Exterior: Take extra care to address the undercarriage where road salt may oxidize or corrode the metal. A comprehensive cleaning at a car wash bay should do the trick. Wash your vehicle and apply wax after it’s dried to protect your car’s shine. Also, ensure the underbody of your car is clean. Throw away salt build up which may lead to erosion and rust.

5. Clean the Interior: Vacuum the interior of your car and store away your winter mats. Change oil according to manufacturers’ recommendations. Take the time to lose the extra weight that can considerably increase your gas mileage.

6. Top up All Fluids: Check fluid levels of anti-freeze, oil, windshield washer, transmission fluids and power steering.

7. Apply Protectant: As the sun can crack or damage any of your car’s vinyl surfaces such as dashboard, steering wheel, seats, etc. Applying a protectant will help you keep this from happening.

8. Get Your Battery Tested: Have it checked to ensure it still holds a charge.

9. Check Wiper Blades: During the rainy season it is vital to make sure your wiper blades are functioning well.

10. Test the Alternator Output: It’s important to confirm that the charging system is working properly.

A spring checkup can help find out winter damage, but there are perhaps some parts that are harder to inspect without requiring a trained technician to identify the problem. You should get your engine checked by a skilled professional at any leading car & auto detailing company in Calgary and determine if any of the components of your car are in need of servicing.