6May, 2015

Tips on How You Can Care for Wheels and Tires in Detail

Wheels and Tires

Tires form one of the most essential parts of your car. Other than supporting weight of the vehicle, the tires make a great effort to use the braking friction so that you can safely stop the car whenever you need. Since the tires have to face enormous amount of energy, the heat that is being caused due to braking friction is terrific, which produces a stuff known as the brake dust.

Wheels and Tires

Brake dust can be defined as the blend of small metal shavings and glued carbon fibers. Now, this can pit the wheels of your vehicle. If you want to save your wheels from being ruined then going for a detailing service is essential.

Step By Step Guide On Hand Car Wash and Detailing Wheels and Tires in Calgary

Step 1:

Ensure that you have chosen a suitable cleaner for your wheel. Read the label to know if it suits the kind of wheels your vehicle has. Now, start with backside of the wheels. Clean by spraying the wheel cleaner on the backside as well as tire. Leave it like that so that it can soak well for (3 to 5) minutes.

Step 2:

Take your preferred car shampoo and then blend it in a bucket containing water. Make use of your wheel and tire brush and scrub the backside using the blended soapy water. It is recommended to use the soapy water in good quantity, as the dirt will be coarse. However, the brush should be properly soaked.

Step 3:

Now, what you have to do is rinse in detail and then repeat the process. Check if there are tiny crevices on the wheels then you might require using a toothbrush. To clean your wheel’s backside, a brush used to clean soft parts might also work. After cleaning the backside thoroughly, repeat the same process for the frontal part. Ensure that you have soaked both the sides well.

Step 4:

When you see the wheel is soaked, spray cleaner on the suspension components and brake caliper and then let it dry for around 5 minutes. Use a towel made of cotton to soak the wheel completely.

Step 5:

Now make use of the left over soapy water as well as the wheel brush for scrubbing the wheel, suspension components and brake caliper. Try to make it as perfect as is possible and clean it well for inspection. Dry properly.

Once you have completed working on one of the wheels, proceed with the next. Remember that you should clean your wheels and tire one after another.

Wax The Wheels:

No sooner, you see the wheels are completely dried up; proceed with polishing. Steps to be followed:

1. Make sure that the surface is cool enough and is kept in shade
2. Clean every wheel in detail
3. Polish the wheels with a cleansing polish
4. Coat the surface till it fades away and
5. Clean using a microfiber towel

You can also take your car for detailing services to a reputable service provider. There are many hand car wash services in Calgary and you can choose one according to choice.