23April, 2015

Why Should You Consider The Hand Car Wash Service?

Hand car wash

The term hand car wash is mainly used to define a specialty of the full service and a detailed car wash system. Your favorite car gets a personal cleaning touch while the employees of any reputable car wash company use the specialized hand car wash service in Calgary to make your car shiny. Besides, this personal touch ensures that no tiny particle of slime or dust sticks onto the car or no part of the car gets unnoticed during the wash. As a result, the car will come shiny and sleek. So, this can be said that the hand car wash is an exclusive and highly specialized service that mainly caters to the personal preference of the car owner.

Hand car wash
In the hand car wash, the reputable car wash companies in Calgary offer a complete range of services that match with the specific vehicles as well as suit with the requirements of the individual owners. Some of these services include: waxing, washing, tinting the windows, buffering, vacuuming the carpets and removing the stains. Besides, some of the car wash companies also offer a carpet shampoo service that airs out the carpets and cleans those with special chemicals. On the other hand, the tar and paint over spray removal service cleans even the tiniest foreign particles on the car surface.

Why do People Prefer the Hand Car Wash Service?

The most important reason why people prefer the hand car wash is that it is more effective. Besides, while washing the cars personally with hands, it becomes really easy for the car owners or the experts to check every single spot thoroughly. This thing results in the easy detection of potential issues like rust spots, clear coat cracks, paint damage etc. Apart from that, washing the car through hands is really helpful in uncovering the small defects, which can be fixed then and there before the things go out of hand and winds up costing a lot more than usual.

Benefits of Hand Washing the Cars:

1. No Missed Spots: With machines, it is quite obvious to miss spots. In fact, the machines can easily miss the nook and corners of the cars while washing. But if you choose to wash your car with hands, then it will be possible to reach to every spot and therefore the chance of missing any spot is quite less. Besides, while hand washing the car, you can take a step back, check and decide whether every single inch of the car has been properly cleaned or not.

2. Less Scratching: The machine car washers contain different little pieces and parts that can actually scratch and damage the car. As a result, the paint of the car damages every time you wash your car with machines. But this can be reduced by washing the car through the hands. It is because, while washing the car with hands, the personal washers do it with a lot more care than the machine.

3. Better results: Though this is true that the car cleaning devices offer the best results, but it is still not possible for the machine washer to clean the interior areas of the car. Thus, it is beneficial to opt for the car hand wash service to clean both the interior and exterior areas of your car thoroughly and efficiently.