28April, 2016

The Evolution of the Car Washing Industry

Evolution of car washing industry

Purchasing a car is not a challenging task. You perform Google search, collect details of your preferred brands, conduct comparative analysis and finally choose one that fulfills most of your requirements. The process of purchasing a car can be done in an hour. After you make a purchase, you always want that your car should look fresh and healthy. For that reason, you take your vehicle to car wash service. Nowadays, you can enjoy the benefits of the automatic car wash. Before the inception of the automatic car wash, cleaning tasks were done manually. Read further about the evolution of car wash industry.

Evolution of car washing industry

Evolution of Manual Car Wash

The first car wash service evolved in Detroit in 1914. All cleaning tasks were performed manually. In the facility, a vehicle underwent cleaning at multiple cleaning stations.

Automatic Car Washes

The concept of automatic car wash was brought in Detroit during 1928. A design was developed for a system that pulled the vehicles through each washing stage.

During 1946, the automatic car wash assembly began to be produced on a commercial level. The first mechanized car wash was semi-automatic in nature. In that mechanism, hook conveyers were replaced with conveyors with moving tracks. Vehicles were moved with the help of machines and cars were washed manually at each cleaning stations.

Self Serve Car Wash Service

Improvements were made in car wash process during the 1960s. When the concept of car wash was introduced, during that time brushes made of plastic bristles were used. Those brushes were replaced with sponges gradually.

The sponges cleaned the surface of the car perfectly. During the 1960s, the concept of the self-serve car was evolved. In case of self-serve car wash, car owners can hire brushes and sprays to clean their cars. The car owners use deodorizers, shampooers, spot removers and tire cleaners for washing their vehicles.

Express Car Wash

For the past a few decades, the concept of car washing has made a transition. Car owners prefer for a car wash service, which is cost efficient. A survey was conducted in the past where it was found that car owners began losing interest in conveyor car washing system.

The express car wash was introduced to serve more car owners. This system cleans the car in short time. Customers can also enjoy the benefits of moderate pricing.

In case of express car wash, labor costs are reduced because extra services are provided before and after the vehicle is made to pass through tunnel wash.

After some time, car owners were offered benefits of flex serve option, which is a combination of express car wash and full-serve wash. The flex-serve produces quick, satisfactory results.

High Tech Car Wash

Nowadays, car wash service has improved a lot. The used water is recycled in the facility for future use. The water is preserved with the usage of computer controls. Various regulators are used that speed up the drying process.

This is how car wash industry evolved. Nowadays, car owners prefer express wash as it produces results in short time.