19May, 2016

Do’s and Don’ts of Washing Your Car

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Some car owners treat their car as their pets. Most of the time, they perform the cleaning tasks of their own. In addition, they search for detailing products that offer outstanding results. If you are one such car owner, you should opt for self service option, which a reputed Calgary based car detailing center offers.

While you are into cleaning, you will not get any technical help from the technicians of the facility. However, following certain rules surely allows you to attain the expected returns.

Do’s and Don’ts of Washing Car

Things You Should Not Do While Detailing

1.Avoid Dirt Formation Issues

You should not wait till a layer of crud forms on the car. Bird droppings, dead bugs, acid rains, etc. can damage the wax coating and eventually affect the paint. If you leave your car in such a condition for long time, you have to undertake sanding and repainting, which is a costly affair.

2.Do Not Use Household Cleaning Agents

While you clean your vehicle, do not use household cleaning agents like dishwashing detergent, hand soap, glass cleaner, hand soap, etc. because they may damage the protective wax and leave the paint dull.

3.Avoid Washing When Vehicle Body is Hot

You should not wash your vehicle when the body is hot. The body can develop heat after driving or when parked for long time under sun. Heat makes water and soap to dry quickly and makes washing difficult. The chances of spot formations also increase.

Things That Should Be Done for Effective Cleaning

1.Wash Your Car Immediately

When you observe bird dropping, splats of dead bugs on the car’s body, wash immediately. Taking your vehicle once in a week at the car detailing center will help at maintaining the finish in best condition.

If you are residing in area where acid rains occur often, you should wash your car after a period of rainy weather. Washing the car after rainy period does not allow spot formation.

2.Apply Dedicated Car Wash Products

When you go for self service car wash, ask for the certified car wash products. These products are milder and they have been formulated for protecting the car’s paint. You need to apply lamb’s wool mitt or soft natural sponge.

Road tar, rubber, grease deposits picked up from roads accumulates at wheel wells and other lower parts of the vehicle. These deposits are hard to remove and require stronger products like tar remover. You have to use nonabrasive, soft cloth for removing the stubborn deposits.

3.Rinse the Surfaces Thoroughly

You need to rinse every surface thoroughly with water to loosen debris and dirt. Then you can apply cleaner for completely wash and attain scratch-free result. When you begin the washing procedure, pick up one section at a time.

Choosing sections one at a time allows you to have plenty of time for rinsing before the soap dries. You need to start the wash from the top and then working your way around the vehicle.