31October, 2015

Smart Ways of Detailing Steering Wheel, Window Panes and Wheels of Car

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Car is one of your pricey possessions. Even a single dent caused while taking your car out of garage makes you impatient. Therefore, every time you ensure that your vehicle should look fresh both from the inside and outside. This condition also fulfills your esteem requirements. You should note that detailing the interior and exterior requires expertise and time. If time becomes a major constraint for you, then you can take your vehicle to a trusted car detailing service in Calgary SW for getting the flawless treatment.

Parts that You Should Detail to Attain Longevity

• Steering wheel
• Window panes
• Wheels

Why Detail Steering Wheel?

You might have observed that with the passage of time, the original color of the steering wheel turns brownish. When you decide to drive your car the next time, you will not feel comfortable, as the steering wheel has become dirty. Reasons for dirt accumulation could be many. Unknowingly or in a hurry, you forgot to wash your hands properly that led grime or food residue to settle on the wheel. These actions have caused the steering to lose its luster. However, there are smart as well as simple ways to clean the steering wheel to regain its original looks.

Car cleaning Calgary

Steps for Detailing Steering Wheel

The prerequisites for cleaning the steering wheel are soft bristle scrub brush, all purpose cleaner and microfiber cleaning cloths. Before you resume the process, cover the dashboard in order to protect the sensitive components from getting dirty due to spraying action of the cleaner. Ensure that the all-purpose cleaner you use is eco-friendly. A reputed car detailing service in Calgary NE also uses an eco friendly cleaning solution to avoid adverse effects of harsh chemicals.

Take few drops of cleaning solution on a microfiber towel and wipe the same on the steering wheel. Alternatively, you can spray the solution on the wheel. Allow the solution to settle on the steering wheel. The chemicals present in the cleaner will loosen the dirt. Then, rub the wheel with a scrub brush to remove dirt. Finally, take another towel and wipe the steering for getting the original color back.

Next, Focus on Window Panes

Before you start the treatment, ensure that the windowpanes are not in hot condition. If panes are cool, then the cleaner can dry out quickly and thus, make the process fast. First, start with sides facing the interior. Dilute the cleaner with distilled water. Take few drops of the solution on the rubbing pad and wipe it on the panes. Wait for some time for the dirt to become loose. Then, take a moist cloth and wipe the surfaces. Finally, rub the surfaces with a dry microfiber towel for getting the sparkling shine. Repeat the same steps for cleaning the outside of your car windows.

Why Wheels Be Left Behind?

Cleaning wheels not only ensures shine but also prevents corrosion. First, apply a fine stream of water through a hose. The spraying action will remove the grease builds and brake dust. Take a wet sponge to clean the leftovers. Mix a small amount of cleaner and water in a bucket. Take another sponge and dip the same into the solution. Squeeze the sponge and rub it on rims. Then, again apply water stream to wash away the solution.

Cleaning wheels

Now, your car regains the original looks. If you face any difficulty in cleaning the components, then take your vehicle to car detailing service in Calgary NE.