29October, 2015

How to Make the Job of Exterior Car Wash with Hands Easy

Hand Car Wash

Many car owners prefer to choose hand car wash system over the automated wash, as they believe that manual hand wash provides a personalized cleaning experience. Manual car washing process offered by the service providers of hand car wash in Calgary ensures that every part of your vehicle will be taken care properly, which is not possible with a machine. Here are some procedures through which you can make your car like a new one.

Hand Car Wash

Routine for Exterior Car Cleaning

If you are among those people who prefer hand car wash than a machine, then you should start the process by following a few steps that can give a new look to your car.

Purchase the best car cleaning product for exterior and take two buckets to go further in the process. Prepare a solution of the cleaner with water in one bucket as directed in the manual of the product. Dunk a piece of sponge in the mixture and apply it on every part of the car’s body. Use another bucket to carry fresh water and use it to remove foams of soapy water.

Do not Ignore Tires and Rims

Along with car’s body, it is very important to make your tire rims and hubs shiny. Otherwise, they can sabotage your car’s outer look. Tires mainly hold solid mud and grease that often spread out to entire wheel. However, the best way to make your wheel dirt free is to fill a bucket with one teaspoon of cleansing liquid as directed in the product manual and a gallon of warm water. Dip the piece of sponge into the bucket and squeeze if you want to make it bit dry and then brush it on the tire, rim and hub to make it free of dirt. You can throw some fresh water on those parts to make sure no foam residue left there. Good service providers of hand car wash in Calgary make use of the best products that are effective.

Make Your Headlamps Glowing

People often forget to clean the car headlights in a hurry. This leads to the layers of dirt and oils on the headlight’s face. However, you can clean them with some toothpaste. Apply them over the face of headlights and then rub with a wet and soft cloth. Run the process twice if possible, and dry it with a soft towel and get shinier headlights.

Keep Your Carpet Clean Through Hand Wash

While going through the process of hand car wash, you should know that vacuum cleaner cannot remove stains of mud and grease from your carpet and that is why you need to apply another method for it.

Take a stiff bristle brush and rub it on the carpet especially on the dirty areas. Brush the dirt out of the carpet and make the interior of the car clean.

Deodorize the Car

You will never feel that you are driving a clean car if it offers bad smell. To cope with the issue, put an open bag filled with charcoal under the seats for a few days, as the material will eliminate the entire odor and bring the natural smell back in the environment. You can also use car freshener available in the market for better results.

Most of car owners are opting for the manual car wash today and that is why several popular car-washing services in Calgary are offering hand car wash facilities to serve people with the most satisfactory result.