7November, 2015

Gear Up Your Car before Your Embark On Road Trips for Holidays

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The winter holidays are nearing. This brings together heaps of fun, excitement and sweet memories. As the holidays come near, people hit the road with family to drive long distances and make their travel plan successful. With the drop in gas prices lately, a large number of Canadians are looking to cover moderate to long distances by road to reach their holiday destination. Before, embarking on that exhilarating road trip, across the snow covered roads, consider these tips to driving away safely.

hand car wash Calgary

1. Schedule a wash and a detailing
It is not essential that your vehicle has to have some parts damaged in order to visit a detailing center. Get your car a full service car wash and detailing in Calgary to check for any unforeseen damages and present condition. The professional detailers can tell you if the engine oil needs to be changed; any maintenance needed for the transmission; functions of the brakes and take care of the unusual noises. Vehicle maintenance is ignored by most of us until they stop functioning. As, you are going to travel the snow covered roads, it is crucial to get your car serviced and checked for better performance, longevity and reliability.

2. Check the tires or replace with snow tires
One of the most important things to check before starting a road trip is the tires of your vehicle. It is going to be very dangerous to drive on highways with poor tires, especially on the snow layered roads. If they are bare, you may find difficulty to steer through several weather conditions. There may be worst-case scenarios where the tires may totally blow out. Many car owners prefer replacing the tires with winter tires as this is one of the best ways to stay safe while driving in freezing weather. Some say that regular all season tires lose elasticity when the temperature falls below 7 degree Celsius. But their effectiveness has always been a topic of debate. The bottom line is – you should examine the wear bars, tread, correct levels of airs and the spare.

3. Pop the hood and check the oils
Before you head for the road trip, lift the hood once and check the oils. The proper level of engine oils; power steering, brake and transmission fluids should be there. Also, spend a little more time to look for splits or cracks in hoses and belts. Last, but not the least, inspect the battery. It is wise to replace the battery if it was installed three or more years ago.

4. Have your emergency kit ready
Emergencies can poke anytime and knock you down if you are not prepared. If you do not want to get stuck on the side of the roads during the holidays, have your emergency tool box ready some of the smart and necessary items to have in your tool box are jumper cables; antifreeze; lubricating oil; duct tape; flashlight; extra oil and roadside flares.

Schedule your plans in advance. This will help you pay attention to your car properly. To stay safe, set your day and time up for a professional hand car wash in Calgary. Having your vehicle cleaned beforehand will also make it easier to clean it in the future.