18May, 2020

Sanitization – The Key to Keep Your Car Coronavirus-Free

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With the Coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc all over the world, it has become mandatory to take all the necessary precautions to curb the spread of the disease. COVID-19 spreads easily from one person to another when in direct contact with the virus. Scientists have researched and affirmed that this deadly virus can survive in both cold and warm temperatures as well as on various surfaces. The only way to check the spread is by maintaining regular cleanliness and hygiene. For this reason, health organizations like the World Health Organization and Centre for Disease Control are prioritizing social distancing, personal hygiene and sanitizing all the surfaces that we come in contact with everyday. While we are washing our hands with soap and water, wearing masks and staying at home, many car owners are confused about whether it is right to visit a facility for car detailing in Calgary NE.

According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, COVID-19 can spread through many surfaces that are touched everyday. Whether it is your home or your car, sanitizing the frequently-touched surfaces is one of the best ways to check the coronavirus spread.

In this blog, we shall tell you how the sanitization process is being performed at a car detailing facility.

car detailing Calgary

Sanitization Process at a Car Detailing Facility

  1. Deep Interior Cleaning

The interior is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected through the following steps:

Vacuuming: This is the first step that car detailers begin with. The floor mats are removed and various areas like the floorboards, under the seats, around the pedals and leather seats are vacuumed. If there are any cracks or crevices, they are cleaned with a crevice tool.

Car seats: Fabric seats can be a good breeding place for coronavirus. For this reason, the car’s upholstery is first sprayed with a high-quality upholstery cleaner and then rubbed gently with a hard brush or soft cloth. This not only removes stains but also works as a disinfectant. If the seats have leather coverings, a specially formulated leather cleaner is first used followed by a leather conditioner that protects the leather surface.

The steering wheel and dashboard: The steering wheel and dashboard are exposed to millions of germs and contaminants everyday. You never know when coronavirus may creep up and lie in wait to get transferred to your hands! At a car detailing Calgary NW facility, the dashboard and steering wheel are cleaned with a disinfecting cleaner that not only makes the surfaces germ-free but also removes dirt and stains.

Floorboard carpet: Almost everyone in your family, including you, step inside your car wearing shoes that carry millions of germs which are transferred to the floorboard carpet the moment your feet come in contact with the car floor. No wonder why the carpet is considered to be one of dirtiest areas in your car and hence, the need for thorough cleaning and sanitization. The carpets are washed and the floorboard is deeply cleaned with an alcohol-based cleaner.

Doors and windows: The surfaces of the doors and windows are wiped using a specially-formulated cleaner and a soft cotton cloth. This helps to remove both dirt and viruses effectively while giving a neat and clean look to your car doors and windows.

  1. Exterior Cleaning

Keeping your car coronavirus-free doesn’t involve interior cleaning only. The exterior portion is also included. At a facility for car detailing in Calgary NE, the exterior is first cleaned with a dry cloth and then washed with soap solution and water. This is done to remove dirt, grime and stains. Finally comes the main part of your exterior car cleaning – sanitization. As coronavirus can stay on plastic and steel surfaces for 2-3 days, sanitizing the exterior is as important as disinfecting the interior. Hence, your car’s exterior is sanitized using a surface disinfectant that containd 80% isopropyl alcohol. This ensures the virus is removed properly, giving you a virus-free surface in the end.

Conclusion: There is no doubt that you are doing your best to keep your home and car safe. Whether it is visiting a car detailing Calgary NE facility or maintaining social distance, being aware and following the COVID-19 precautions is the only way to fight the pandemic. While you take care to disinfect your car, don’t forget to keep a few essentials like hand sanitizer, face mask, first aid kit and a bottle of water handy to keep the occupants of your car safe in all ways.