24January, 2020

Did You Know These Quick & Effective Car Cleaning Practices?

Interior car Cleaning in Calgary

Keeping your vehicle thoroughly clean is something that we all do but only a few can master it. Interestingly, many people own cars but aren’t aware of the intricacies associated with their maintenance. Every weekend, you’ve got to clean your car, whether it is by yourself or at a professional car detailing in Calgary facility. It may be a monotonous procedure to you but for your car, it is the nourishment dose.

Interior Car Cleaning in Calgary

Today, the automobile industry is replete with advance technology, ultra-modern mechanisms and features that demand proper care and maintenance. With that being said, should you possess the latest car model but follow the wrong cleaning method, sadly enough you may need to replace your possession much earlier than required. If you don’t have such replacement plans so soon, it is time you learn the best practices to preserve your car’s first-class condition.

In this blog, we shall highlight the correct (and of course the best!) car cleaning practices that you were unaware of all this time.

Simple Yet Effective Car Cleaning Practices


A lot of car owners think that keeping the exterior clean is enough to keep your car in good condition. And if you are among them, you have been thinking wrong all this time. Your exterior is exposed to all kinds of environmental factors like wind, snow, heat and rain directly. Although that is not the case with your car’s interior, nevertheless that is the place where you or any other person will be spending most of the time while travelling. In short, you must do everything to keep your car interior clean. When you visit an interior car cleaning Calgary facility, make sure you:

    1. Keep salt away: Salt inside the car is a common problem, especially during winter. Failing to clean salt from the interior of your car can ruin your floor mats and other interior parts. When you visit a car detailing facility, the detailers will vacuum the interior, clean the floor mats and seats (even recondition if they are leather seats) and use the best cleaner to restore your upholstery’s condition. Not only will you get rid of such harmful salt but the stubborn coffee and food stains too.
    2. Beware of dust and bugs:Having a car interior that is dust-filled or has bugs, can make your matter worse. If you have any food particles, wrappers, etc left inside your car, probably this is the reason why the bugs are attracted so much. Besides being unhygienic, dust and bugs can also cause allergic reactions. Then what should you do?
      1. Vacuum the interior
      2. Wipe the vinyl surfaces with an all-purpose cleaner
      3. Wash the windows
      4. Clean the seats
      5. Use a deodorizer
      6. All these steps ensure zero entry for both dust and bugs inside your car.


There is more than only washing your car’s exterior. And what is that? It is waxing!

      1. Wax your car:After your car’s exterior is washed and dried, it is time to apply a clay bar. Hand waxing your car with a clay bar can enhance your car’s appearance. So don’t ignore or skip this step.
      2. Sunny day? Don’t clean your car: Cleaning your car on a bright sunny day is a strict no–no. Everything that you apply – the soap, wax and other products will dry up quickly making it easier to get scratches on the surface. For this reason, most of the Calgary car detailing facilities detail their car under the shade and ensure brilliant results!

Conclusion : To summarize, maintaining your vehicle’s appearance and function is not complicated when you know the right cleaning practices. Hopefully, the ones discussed-above will provide you with excellent cleaning results and make you a proud car owner.