23January, 2020

Car Waxing and Polishing – What is the Difference?

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As a car owner, you do all that it takes to retain the perfect state of your car. From taking it to a car wash center every week to replacing a damaged part immediately, you leave no stone unturned when it comes to maintaining your vehicle’s condition. And in case you notice small imperfections on your car’s exterior, you may lose your sleep till you find the perfect way to remove them. And here begins your confusion – should I opt for a car waxing service or go for car polishing? Which one is more beneficial?

car waxing service calgary

When asked about the difference between car polish and car wax, many people may think that both are the same. You can even come across manufacturers who supply car wax products under the name of ‘polish’. Nonetheless, both car waxing and polishing are incredibly different aspects of a car detailing service. Interested to know? Well, this blog is just for you!

What is Car Wax?

When you opt for car waxing by hand in Calgary, the professionals apply car wax on the exterior. This leaves your vehicle’s exterior with a layer that protects your car from all kinds of contaminants as well as enhancing the appeal. If you avail car waxing service from a reputable facility, the detailers will use the best-quality car wax products that even protect your car from harmful UV rays of the sun. A majority of the leading car detailing facilities rely on carnauba wax to provide amazing results post car waxing session. Numerous reasons are responsible for the popularity of this vegetable wax. These are:

  • It has a long-lasting power, that is, applying carnauba wax to your car means it is going to stay for a long time even after being exposed to heavy rain.
  • Neither does it melt away easily. Having the melting point more than 180 degrees Fahrenheit, carnauba wax won’t melt even on a very hot summer day.
  • Last but not the least, applying carnauba wax adds a spectacular finish to your car. Don’t you lust for a glossy car exterior? Well, carnauba wax is just what your car needs! It adds lustre to your car’s exterior thereby enhancing its appearance.

What is Car Polish?

Besides car wax, there is car polish on the opposite end. Many people think it is just another form of car wax but in truth, it is the opposite. Car polish works very gently on your car’s surface to make it smoother and bestow mirror-like reflection. The latest car polish products comprise abrasives that reduce gradually when applied, giving more effective results. Another benefit of using the latest car polish products is that it results in minimal or no clean-up at all after using; the polish blends with your car paint providing a smoother and shinier surface.

Also known as a ‘clear coat’, car polish is used prior to a car waxing service in Calgary or elsewhere. In case there are some scratches on the surface, car polish is all you need to remove them. However, please note that car polish is effective only if the scratches are on the top layer of the paint. And it doesn’t have paint protection properties as car wax.

Conclusion : This is how a car waxing service in Calgary differs from a car polishing service. So, the next time you hear someone saying ‘both are the same things’, better have your answer ready. Remember! Car waxing is best done by a professional car detailer. So find a reputable car detailing facility and head with your car today.