25September, 2020

5 Interior Car Cleaning Secrets that No One Talks About

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“The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.”

 Marie Kondo

That’s true. We all love to stay in a place that is clean, safe and organized. It looks attractive to our eyes and more importantly, cleanliness also drives mental satisfaction. Just as a dirty home blows your mind, a grubby car interior not only creates an unhealthy environment but also ruins the value of your investment. Your kids love to have their chocolate party inside your car or when your coffee spills on the car seats, a few seconds and your car interior become a stain gallery. DIY car cleaning is not enough when you have difficult to remove chocolate, drink spills (milkshakes, fruit juices, coffee or alcohol) food or makeup stains. And that’s when you need a professional service for interior car cleaning in Calgary.

Maintaining your car interior is as important (or rather more important) as having a gleaming exterior. As you spend most of your time behind the wheels, driving in a constant state of filth adds to your stress. In fact, a dirty interior can divert your attention while driving and can lead to accidents. So, how does a professional interior car cleaning gives you a clean ride? Here are the secrets!

interior car cleaning Calgary

Hidden Secrets of Professional Interior Car Cleaning

  1. They vacuum all the surfaces: After taking out the food wrappers, empty bottles, cans and other trash and also the carpets, its vacuuming time! The detailers vacuum the loose dirt and grime from the floors, seats, upholstery and other hard to reach areas. However, vacuuming is never enough to remove all the gobs of dirt and hence, a soft bristled brush is used to remove dust from the dashboard, seat corners, air vents, button and switches.
  2. Vacuumed surfaces are cleaned: The professionals wipe each and every surface of your car interior with a formulated interior detailing solution. Did you know steam cleaning is highly effective for removing stubborn stains? That’s why an expert car interior detailing Calgary service makes the real difference. The carpets, seats and upholstery are steam cleaned which dissolves the deep seated stains from spills, food, blood, ink, etc. Whether you have leather, suede or vinyl seats, specially formulated products are used for the respective car seat material which fetches excellent deep cleaning results.
  3. Cleaning the carpet: Dirty carpets are the breeding grounds for moulds, bacteria and other pathogens. Hence, shampooing followed by steam cleaning is performed to check their growth and ensure the carpets are in the best condition. Only after they are completely dry, the carpets are put back on the floor.
  4. Windows & windshields: Interior cleaning is never complete unless you have sparkling windows and windshields. More than the appeal, a clean windshield enhances safety while driving by offering a clear view. Reputable facilities providing interior car cleaning Calgary services use only the best glass cleaning products for rendering streak-free windows. And when the windows and windshield are as clean as a whistle, doesn’t your car interior already look attractive?
  5. Sanitizing the car interior: A dirty car interior harbours millions of germs (including the prevalent coronavirus), even more than your toilet. Travelling inside a dirty vehicle is the number one reason for contracting respiratory infections, cold, flu, influenza, etc. While the cleaning agents work to give a spotless appearance, they certainly do not get rid of the disease causing germs. That’s where disinfectants play a vital role. Along with steam cleaning, professional-grade and certified sanitization chemicals are used on the car upholstery, seats, floors and windows to disinfect every nook and cranny of your car interior. Now, you have a car interior that’s clean, spotless and germ-free!


Conclusion: Dirt, grime and stains are the prime enemies of your car interior. If unattended, these could permanently damage the interior components of your car and you end up spending unnecessarily on replacements. Availing a professional interior car cleaning Calgary service every six or eight months (depending on how frequently your car is used) can bestow the new look and feel as well as preserve your car interior for the next several years. Calgary Car Detailing is a notable facility for interior car detailing in Calgary. Besides using top-quality chemicals and professional-grade equipment, our car detailers are highly-qualified to render the best care for your car interior. To know more, call us on  403-370-5050,