11October, 2020

Why Auto Detailing Calgary is Not a Regular Car Wash Service?

auto detailing Calgary

Life keeps you busy and you are continuously on the go, to your workplace, back home or having a night out with your friends. Your presence matters and that’s why you try to be as prompt as you can be. And you should thank your car for co-operating as per your schedule, everyday, every month and throughout the year! However, all of this travelling creates an impact upon your vehicle in the form of dirt, grime and even scratches. To keep the beauty of your car intact, you must follow proper maintenance routine diligently, which should include regular washing and cleaning. But what if you’re too busy to clean your car on your own? You can always engage a professional auto detailing Calgary service to keep your vehicle in first-class condition. While many car owners consider hiring car wash services, car detailing is a service that is often considered ‘unnecessary’. The reason? Car detailing offers the same benefits as a car wash.

For all those who are thinking car wash is synonymous with car detailing, let us tell you that they both are as different as chalk and cheese. Car detailing goes beyond the ordinary soap and water wash to give your vehicle a priceless look, inside and out. If a car wash involves cleaning of the exterior, car detailing entails maintenance procedures for both car exterior and interior. Let us not waste anymore time and get into the details!

auto detailing Calgary

What does an auto detailing service include?

Exterior Detailing

A car exterior detailing service makes the car shine by removing dirt and grime, treating scratches as well as adding paint protection to the body.

The procedure for exterior car detailing includes:

  1. Washing and drying – Professionals detail the car by hand. A specialized spray is used on the exterior followed by hand wash and hand dry of the parts like door jambs, car rims, glass and so on.
  1. Claying – The traces of the spray and other residues from the cleaning solution may be left behind on the exterior. A clay bar is used to remove the cleaning remnants and any impurities.
  1. Polishing – Your car may lose its shine or polish after being used for a long time. Car polish is used to restore shine, correct paint defects, remove scratches and give back a smooth, glossy appearance.
  1. Waxing – A coat of wax is applied to the exterior to protect the paintwork from further damages and offer added shine.

The procedure for interior car detailing includes:

  1. Vacuuming: The seats, trunk, shelf, floor, rear cargo area and headliners are thoroughly vacuumed. The difficult to reach areas are cleaned with an air compressor.
  1. Cleaning the carpets & floor mats: The floor mats and carpets are scrubbed to remove stains and give a fresh look.
  1. Glass cleaning: The windows are wiped and cleaned with a glass cleaner. After a full service car wash in Calgary, you will have a crystal clear view of the outside for your streak-free and sparkling windows!
  1. Leather cleaning: The leather seats are cleaned with a leather cleaner and leather soap. The seats are wiped with a damp cloth. After the seats dry, a leather conditioner is used to restore the softness, vigor and glaze of the seats. At some auto detailing Calgary facilities, like ours, a second round of leather conditioner is applied to protect and rejuvenate leather.
  1. Re-vacuuming & wiping: This removes any leftover dirt from the cabin. Windows, dashboards, vinyl plastic, center console and other areas are wiped with a cleaning solution.
  1. Deodorizing: Finally, it is the last step that leaves your car smelling fresh and looking spotless.

The Bottom Line – Now, you know why car detailing is so much different from an ordinary car wash. Car detailing not only renders a new look to your vehicle but it is also imperative if you seek the best protection for your investment. It eliminates scratches and other kinds of minor paint defects, removes the stubborn stains (which you tried to do it yourself but to no avail), offers protection to the paintwork and enhances the appeal of your vehicle. As a rule of thumb, availing a professional auto detailing Calgary service every four to six months in a year will keep your car in better shape and optimum conditions. Calgary Car Detailing is a trusted facility for auto detailing in Calgary. Our wide range of services includes exterior and interior detailing, headlight restoration, paint protection and more.