20September, 2020

Car Paint Protection Calgary – Is Ceramic Coating Worthwhile?

car paint protection in Calgary

Sometimes extraordinary pleasure arises from the ordinary. For instance, when you see your car in a well-maintained and dazzling state, isn’t it enough to perk you up for the entire day? Owning a car is indeed a reason to be proud of. However, at the end of the day, your appreciation for your prized possession reflects how well you maintain it. Speaking about car maintenance, how do you keep your vehicle super shiny and clean? Wash your car exterior regularly? Clean the interior twice a month? Alright. But is a weekly wash enough to protect your car’s gleaming paint job? Don’t contemplate because it isn’t! And that is why you need to avail a service for car paint protection in Calgary twice or thrice a year.

A damaged exterior perfectly ruins your vehicle’s appeal. If ignored, you may require full-body paintwork which is very expensive. A car paint protection service goes beyond the cosmetic concern and keeps your vehicle in the best possible condition.

car paint protection in Calgary

Top Reasons for Car Paint Damage

  • When your car is exposed to direct sunlight for long hours, the paint may peel off over time
  • Pollution fallouts and other external elements cause stains on the car paint
  • Stones, blades or scissors create marks and scratches that damage the paint
  • If your car is parked near a constructional site, the dust and dirt create permanent stain and affect the car paint

Ceramic Coating – The Best Form of Car Paint Protection

Applied by hand, the ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution that protects the paint from damage. Also known as nano coating, it blends with the car paint and forms a protective glass covering on the exterior surface. In other words, ceramic coating bonds with the car paint to create an additional protective layer and works to give an untainted and stainless car exterior.  It prevents grime, dirt and stains from getting embedded on the painted surface which may ruin the clear coat.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a prevalent type of car paint protection service in Calgary today. Having said that it creates a permanent layer of protection on the paintwork, let’s go deeper and explore the benefits.

  1. Protection from chemical stains: Acidic elements in the air or rain are particularly damaging to your car exterior. It creates stains that become permanent over time. With air pollution significantly rising every year, ceramic coating offers great relief to car owners as it prevents the acidic contaminants from getting affixed into the paint and creating stains.
  2. Protection from damaging UV rays: If exposure to direct UV rays of the sun can causes wrinkles, sunburn or cataracts in humans, you can very well imagine the effects of excessive UV radiation on your car paint. It causes oxidization due to which the paint looks dull and faded. Ceramic coating can prevent this from happening and preserves the freshness of the paintwork.
  3. Simplifies cleaning: When car cleaning gets easier, you don’t consider it as a headache anymore! The ceramic coating gives a polished surface to your car exterior that repels water. This means that dirt and grime when mixed with water don’t show up as awful stains instead form beads and slide off. A simple hand car wash is enough to have a spotless and sparkling clean car.

Conclusion: Car owners who want to know if ceramic coating is valuable, the answer is yes. If there is anything that can protect your car paint from the harmful UV rays of the sun, toxic elements in the environment and make car cleaning and maintenance a less strenuous task, it is ceramic coating. It adds life to the car while offering several other crucial benefits. As the best kind of car paint protection in Calgary, you can maintain your vehicle’s showroom shine while offering superior protection to your pricey investment. Calgary Car Detailing is well-known for providing the most effective car paint protection service in Calgary. Choose from our wide range of ceramic pro packages or let us know your requirement so that we can create a custom package and pricing for you.