14September, 2015

Experts Answer Some of the Commonly Asked Questions about Hand Car Washing

Hand Car Wash

Driving conditions in Canada, especially in the areas like Calgary and Alberta, are not always favorable. As you can see that the September snow sneaks into the area, layers of snow are blanketing the roads and highways. Few days back, in July, heavy rain has disrupted normal traffic flow and caused lots of damages to the vehicles. Just imagine your vehicle stopped working in the mid of a busy street due to the adverse weather conditions. Apart from the hassle that you have to bear, the smooth flow of the traffic will also be interrupted. You will be the cause of encumbrance for others. To keep you away from such troubles, hand car wash came into existence.

Hand Car Wash

Check out these commonly asked questions by Calgary automobile owners about hand car washing and their answers provided by experts.

Why should I look for a professional car wash and not do it myself?

Doing all by yourself may seem to be a cost-effective and easy option, but when you actually start the job, it takes away all your enthusiasm. Not just that, there are also chances that you may damage the delicate parts that needs to be cleaned with utmost care and precision. Therefore, unless you hire professional hands to do the same, the functionality of the vehicle will always be at risk. A professional team not just ensures that your car is clean but also boosts its longevity.

How often the vehicle needs to be cleaned?

When washed with hands, the detailing quality is far more superior as compared to automated car washing techniques. The frequency of washing greatly depends on the conditions of the roads; weather; place where you are driving and personal preference. Hand car wash in Calgary from a trusted automobile detailing company would do great if done twice a month. However, during winter and snowfall, your vehicle deserves more attention. Application of wax and paint polish will give a protective gloss to your car’s finish.

Why choose hand car washing?

A hand car wash comes with numerous benefits that include thorough cleaning of all the parts and corners that automatic wash often miss out. It also helps identify the upcoming trouble areas and help you prepare for the same beforehand. Hand drying gives less water marks and scratches. The outcomes from automated washes are not satisfactory. The lack of immediate contact with the car impairs the capability to clean effectively and completely. Visual inspection by a professional ensures that your vehicle is really clean and looks new for a longer time.

What services can I expect in hand car wash packages?

For car’s exterior, a trusted detailer generally provides hot waxing, wheels, rims and tires cleaned, wax paint protection, glossy paint finishing, engine bay shampooing and undercarriage washing. The interior of your car is cleaned thoroughly with vacuum cleaners; vinyl and plastic dressing, cleaning dash and center console, deodorizing, window and glass pane cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, upholstery and leather seats shampooing, conditioning.

When you are looking for the best car detailing company near Calgary, rely on a firm that offers a wide range of hand car washing packages at flexible prices and high level of customer satisfaction.

Check out these commonly asked questions by Calgary automobile owners about hand car washing and their answers provided by experts.