24December, 2021

Car Waxing & Ceramic Coating- Does My Car Need Both?

Nowadays, owning a car is more a necessity rather than a luxury. It not only gives you the freedom to move out anytime, without depending on the availability of public transport but having a personal vehicle speaks a different story altogether. And, the most common way to assess the condition of a car is by looking at the exterior; if the outer part of the car is clean and sparkling, the vehicle is said to be in an excellent state.

However, when it comes to maintaining the exterior of your car, the most asked question is: what’s the difference between a car waxing service in Calgary and ceramic coating? Well, it is important to note that each one of the protectants has its own features and characteristics, and depending upon your budget and goals, will often vary. So, today, we will walk you through the basics of ceramic coating and car waxing.

car waxing service in Calgary

What does Car Waxing Service in Calgary Entail?

Just like a car polish helps you fix paint imperfections; car waxing adds a layer of protection to the painted exterior and also enhances your car’s shine. Car waxes can be both natural and synthetic products. The natural wax product contains carnauba and other natural substances, while the synthetic wax contains various polymers.

Advantages of Availing Car Waxing Service in Calgary

  • It has a long-lasting power, that is, applying carnauba wax to your car means it is going to stay for a long time even after being exposed to heavy rain.
  • Helps in protecting your vehicle paint from UV rays, dirt, scratches, bird droppings, corrosion, acid rain, and more.
  • The melting point of carnauba wax is more than 180 degrees Fahrenheit, as a result of which it does not melt away easily even on a very hot summer day.
  • If you love the glossy car exterior of your car, the car waxing service in Calgary adds a spectacular finish to it, thereby enhancing its appearance.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution applied to the exterior of the vehicle. Professionals offering Calgary car detailing services use it to protect the paintwork from various damages. Also known as nano coating, it blends with the car paint and forms a protective glass covering on the exterior surface. Ceramic coating prevents grime, dirt and stains from getting embedded on the painted surface which may ruin the clear coat.

Advantages of Opting for Ceramic Coating

  • Ceramic coating stops the action of acidic contaminants from bonding with the car paint, rendering an attractive glow to your car paint.
  • It is not restricted to paint surfaces and can be used to protect almost any surface of your vehicle.
  • It gives your car a beautiful luster that will last for up to several months.
  • After prolonged usage, you’ll find your car looking dull and drab. But by adding ceramic coating, you add protection to your car’s painted surface.

The Bottom Line:

Car waxing and ceramic coatings are both a way to help protect your vehicle’s paint. So, choosing the right protection for your vehicle depends on your requirements. If you need help choosing which of these services makes the most sense for you, contact our experienced team today. At Calgary Car Detailing, we are well-equipped with state-of-the-art technology, tools and top-quality products to perform interior and exterior detailing, paint protection, car waxing service in Calgary and much more. For more details, call us on 403-370-5050.