20March, 2020

Best 4 Ways To Protect Your Car From Rock Salt Damage

Car detailing services in Calgary

Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire” – Edith Sitwell

Snow, ice and cold make this season beautiful. But did you know that this beauty could actually be hazardous? Too much snow and ice can result in slippage and sliding while driving. For this reason, rock salt is spread on the roadways to melt the snow and avert dangerous accidents. While spreading rock salt is a feasible solution to promote safe driving, don’t ignore the downside to it. Rock salt is potent enough to bring about serious damage to your car.

Car detailing services in Calgary

When rock salt accumulates on your vehicle’s underbody, the valuable parts can suffer rust and corrosion. Precisely, the metal parts of the car are more susceptible to the corroding effects. Furthermore, rock salt could pile up in such parts of the car that you wouldn’t know how to cleam. According to majority providers for car detailing services in Calgary and elsewhere, rock salt is known for damaging the coil springs, frame, exhaust and muffler. Now, do you know why your vehicle’s entire operation is affected during winter?

So, how can you protect your car from the rock salt menace? Here are some useful tips!

  1. Wash Your Car: Washing is undoubtedly one of the best ways to remove salt buildup from the underside of your vehicle. In fact, it is the only way to do away with salt build-up from any of the hidden places beneath your car. It is advisable to wash your car at least every 10 days in winter to keep your car well-maintained.
  1. Wax Your Car: Waxing prevents salt from adhering to your car thereby preventing corrosion. Now, if you are thinking that since your car has been waxed by professional car detailers in Calgary before winter and waxing anymore is out of the question, think again. As per the recommendation of experienced car detailing facilities, to provide effective protection to your vehicle against rock salt in winter, reapplying wax periodically is necessary.
  1. Clean The Tires: Besides washing and waxing the exterior of your car, it is also important to care for the tires. Check if they are clean and salt-free else it can damage your vehicle. If cleaning the tires at home is an arduous task, you can always visit a car detailing facility to get the tires professionally cleaned.
  1. Avoid Driving in Deep Snow: Not the entire road is covered with deep snow. So why take the risk and prove yourself adventurous? Driving through snow can be quite unsafe, not to mention affecting your car’s appearance as well. Rock salt is a major constituent inside deep snow and easily gets inside the difficult-to-reach areas of the underside, ensuing corrosion and impeding the overall operation of your vehicle. If you do drive in deep snow, don’t forget to remove the salt from your car’s undercarriage.

Conclusion: Winter is a time to enjoy the snow, warmth by the fireside and stay indoor. But this season doesn’t turn out well for your car unless you take the right care. Rock salt damages your car’s undercarriage and is a powerful source of corrosion. However, availing services for car detailing Calgary NW and following the above-mentioned tips can effectively protect your car from the dangers of rock salt. To know more about our car detailing services, call us on 403-370-5050.