8April, 2020

Full Service Car Wash – The Best Solution for Mould Growth

full service car wash in Calgary

Getting inside a car that has a clean and fresh interior feels so nice. Driving a car that looks excellent both outside and inside gives you pure bliss. After all, for any car owner like you, can there be a greater source of satisfaction than this? But your happiness soon gets over when you spot mould adorning your car’s interior.

A type of fungus, exposure to mould leads to various health problems like asthma, lung infections, skin irritation and many more, especially for those who are allergic to it. High temperatures and moisture levels are conducive to the development of mould in your car interior. Having said that, now you must be thinking of how you can remove mould from your car’s interior effectively. Trust the power of full service car wash in Calgary, we say. Why? This blog will tell you all.

full service car wash in Calgary

Effectiveness of Full Service Car Wash F0r Removing Mould from Your Car’s Interior

  1. Professionals will Identify & Fix The Mould Source : You must be wondering that despite several online videos explaining how to remove mould from your car seat, why should you visit a professional car wash facility. The reason is simple and very logical. The popular online videos do tell you some great DIY tricks to remove mould but not how to end this menace permanently. A dangerous fungus like mould will come back again if it is not cleared off its roots. Professional detailers detect the source of the mould first and then the severity of the growth – whether mould has just started developing or has spread over a larger surface. When a car is exposed to excess moisture in the form of rain (due to cracks in window seals), condensation from the air conditioner or any other factors, all these lead to the growth of moulds. And professionals will identify the cause and proceed with their mould removal treatment.
  1. Removing The Mould : Now that the source of the mould is found, it is time for the main part of the treatment – removing the mould from the surface. At a facility providing full service car wash in Calgary, mould removal is a meticulously planned step by step procedure. It begins with vacuuming – any kind of loose mould is removed with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Following this, the professionals will apply a strongly formulated mould-removing solution with a sponge/brush to remove the mould and its remnants. During the process, even if the mould growth had left behind stubborn stains, don’t worry! The interior car detailing experts will remove those stains too. In the end, what you will get back is a brilliant car interior with 0% mould.
  1. Sanitizing The Cleaned Area : After removing the mould, disinfecting that area is highly important as this will prevent any new fungal growth. Professional car interior detailers will use a high-quality disinfectant that is effective in permanently eradicating any lingering fungal spores. Even if there was a slight mould stain or crust, using a disinfectant is the only step to put an end to your mould hazard. However, after performing a full service car wash, make sure the treated area is properly dried before you drive home. Else, long-standing moisture could waste all your efforts and invite fresh mould growth!
  1. Using Air Freshener to Remove Odours : Mould growth gives out foul odour which is difficult to ignore. And sitting inside a car that smells bad continuously is no less than any kind of the harshest torment. For this reason, your full service car wash for mould removal is rounded off by spraying a pleasant air freshener inside your car. And you can take pleasure in driving a car that has a mould-free interior and smells good too.

Conclusion : Mould is a serious problem that can affect the health of your car, you or anyone travelling inside. More than damaging the beauty of your car interior, it is detrimental to the well-being of you or your family. But removing mould permanently is not a challenge when you avail a full service car wash in Calgary. Rather, it is the only effective solution to deal with your mould problem permanently.