19March, 2021

4 Super Reasons Why Your Car Needs an Interior Detailing Service

Interior Detailing Service

Agree or not, your car is the hardest working member of your family. This is true only if you rely on your vehicle for your daily travelling needs. Whether you’re commuting to work, getting groceries or dropping your kids at school, your car is always there, supporting you whenever you need it. And when you’re spending a great deal of time at the wheels, dust, dirt and grime are bound to impact the exterior and also, the interior. Car maintenance is a comprehensive term that refers to both the exterior and interior. Are there food stains on the seats? Do the windows have streaks? Have the floor mats turned light brown from black? It’s time you go for professional car interior detailing in Calgary.

car interior detailing Calgary service

What is car interior detailing? 

It is an extensive process that includes multiple steps to address the dirtiest areas in your car. A simple vacuuming might be enough just to remove loose dirt from the surface but car interior detailing goes beyond that. It is a meticulously planned cleaning procedure designed to restore the inner beauty and protect your valuable possession. It begins with vacuuming followed by cleaning and dressing of the dash, center console, trim, vinyl plastic, window cleaning, carpet, seats and upholstery maintenance and lots more.

Why is detailing your car interior necessary?

  1. Keeps your car interior looking new: Who doesn’t want their ride to look gorgeous all the time? Most of us think a gleaming exterior is equal to a well-tended car but that’s not the case. Car interior detailing includes procedures to rejuvenate the various components of the interior, starting from the seats and upholstery to the floor mats and windows. When it’s completed, the interior looks clean, clear and fresh, having the same showroom appeal.
  1. Removal of tough stains and prevention: We’ve already mentioned that a car interior detailing Calgary service treats the toughest food, dirt, drinks or make-up stains. Besides, if you have pets travelling with you, there can be pet hair embedded on the seats and floor. Interior detailing professionals use the best-quality stain removal and cleaning products to eliminate unsightly stains from the surfaces. A wide variety of maintenance products are also utilized to prevent cracks and other sorts of damages on the leather seats, carpets and other areas inside your car.
  1. Sanitization of the surfaces: The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of sanitization in our lives, whether it’s your hands, inside your home or your car. There are plenty of areas inside your vehicle that are frequently touched throughout the day. The steering wheel, handbrake, window, door knobs, seats, seat belt locks and air conditioner vents are some of the potential breeding grounds for harmful pathogens. Professionals employ the most effective sanitizing solutions to wipe these surfaces, reducing the chance of contamination.
  1. Keeps allergies at bay: You don’t want to get inside your car and find yourself sneezing, with a red nose and puffy eyes, do you? If you’re experiencing these, unfortunately, there are quite a few nasty allergens at play inside your car. Interior car detailing is remarkable for tackling allergen problems skillfully. Dust particles and dirt can be accumulating in places even you don’t know! Professional detailers vacuum the hard to reach areas and places which are easily overlooked inside your car, making your car interior safe, healthy and allergen-free. Yay!

Calgary Car Detailing – The Best Place for Car Interior Detailing in Calgary 

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